Ulrike Holzer

Before becoming a homeopath, I was a qualified nurse specialising in Intensive Care. I discovered homeopathy in 1988 when working in a homeopathic hospital in Germany as an Intensive Care Nurse. Although conventional drugs have been the main choice for treating the critically ill patients there have been times when homeopathic medicines were given too, and the results were amazing!

A few years later my first son was born in that same hospital. Again, I was amazed and fascinated about the wonderful effects of homeopathy as I watched my newborn son getting well within minutes after having been given just one dose of a homeopathic medicine to restore his vitality.

This led me on a path of discovery and fired my passion for healing. In 2002 I enrolled on a 4-year homeopathy course at the South East College of Homeopathy in England and graduated as a professional homeopath in the summer of 2006. Since then I have built my practice at a steady rate with professional and honest ethics.

I teach at the Southern College of Homeopathy in Tunbridge Wells and I feel privileged to be able to support students until they are capable and confident homeopaths. I am also a Professional Member of the Advisory Board of the International Committee of The Applied Research in Homeopathy Foundation of Canada.

The person who had great influence on me as a homeopath is Dr. Godhard Husemann, a retired medical and homeopathic pediatrician from Stuttgart, Germany. He was an amazing man with so much knowledge and experience of homeopathy. He was treating my first son until we moved to England and was always supportive regarding my children’s health. And he was the person who encouraged me to become a homeopath!

I would like that the title ‘Homeopath’ becomes as well known and respected as the term ‘GP’. It is important to not only train homeopaths, but to inform people about homeopathy and increase public awareness of homeopathy as a health choice.




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