from the coniferous family, also called the tree of life,
arbor vitae americano, an ever green tree, THE EXCESS-SYCOSIS
Hanemannian, and hydrogenoid from Grauvogl. its terapeutic
has to do with its habitat, prefers marshy areas and Hahnemann found
in Thuja the antidote to the miasm of the condition which he termed
Sycosis, meaning thereby the constitutional disease resulting from
constitutional gonorrh├àÔÇ£a, and having as its characteristic manifestation excrescences, sometimes dry in the form of warts, more frequently
soft, spongy, emitting a fetid fluid with a sweetish odour something
like herring brine, bleeding readily and having the coxcomb or
cauliflower form.
Hering said to act over the organism fluids, ├óÔé¼┼ôdissolution of fluids of the body├óÔé¼┬Ø
Acting in the lymphatic system and vegetative system acting in all excessive
Pathological psocptoca; proliferation of cundilomas, warty excrecenses like figs,
Spongy tumors, all morbid excess.
Boenninghausen fround Thuja a preventive and curative in Variolic virus.
Burnett ├óÔé¼┼ô Wrote Vaccinosis and its cure by Thuja. Vaccinide a condition
resulting of vaccines which is a deep and in occasions prolonged state of
a morbid constitutional virus, engendered by the vaccine virus.
Dr. Tinus Smit wrote what it is called VACCINATION SYNDROME.
But be careful vaccinide can exist separate from vacinosis. But the action
Antivaccinica of thuja is part of the antisicotic and vaccinide is a sicotic
Thuja has aversion to life, with a sensation as if the body will crack to
Pieces, feel their extremities are of glass and will brake, and they have
A feeling as if their soul was separated from their body. Anxious and
Apprehensive, incapacity to think or make reflexions, cretinismo
Cures Gonorrhea, vaccination syndrome, suppressed gonorrhea,
Insolation, and excess sexual disturbances, has emaciation with the
Sensation that the affected parts are dead.
It is a chilli ├óÔé¼ÔÇ£left sided remedy, hot flushes, hides, sweats at night,
Has lots of peculiar symptoms, a remedy to study




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