Anxiety, burning in stomach and contraction in abdomen ; fear drives out of bed ; walks about moaning ; anxiousness in evening twilight, with palpitation and heat ; dullness in head ; puffed face, red and flushed ; pulse 80 and rather weak ; gnawing in the epigastrium, with waterbrash ; urging to urinate, scanty urine:

What’s the Remedy?


    The remedy is ARSENICUM ALBUM! Thank you all for participating.

  • Khalid Raja

    Iris versecular & phosphores alternately good action

  • Giuseppe Cappelli

    Aconite or Arsenicum Album

  • Prerana Bansode

    phos and arsenic

  • Imran Ali

    All are invain no body mention potency

  • Shreya Borkar

    I gave in same case phos
    Work wonderful

  • Kamal Bhatt

    Think for acid butyric 30 potency

  • Raminder Singh Kohli

    Phosphorus 1m just one drop only

  • Shirley Perzentka

    Hate when you have to go site to site.. unfriended. ..

  • Aliya fatima


  • Kat Taylor

    Arsenicum album. I have this 🙂

  • Bie Haroon

    Plz tell is d remedy

  • Jeet Khoker

    Arnica may not be indicated but i always start with Arnica