H. B., boy, age 16, dark hair and dark complexion, fleshy, but small for his age; had suffered with catarrh almost constantly for four years.
Sometimes both nostrils were closed, and he was compelled to breathe through his mouth; eyes were weak and watery; eyelids puffy; had always
lived in a malarial region, and suffered more or less from the usual chills and fever every year. The nasal discharge was nearly always jelly-like, but sometimes watery; very copious in the morning and after meals, but at other times much less; color, grayish white. Tonsils much enlarged and fauces in a state of sub-acute inflammation. REMEDY X three times a day for a week, then once a day for another week, then one dose a week
for three months cured the whole case.

  • Anjum Hanif

    Dose.–Clinically, it has been found advisable in tuberculosis to begin with about the 4x and gradually go lower to the second x trit, 5 grains 3 times a day.

  • Christine Chmielewski

    surprise… surprise! 🙂


    The remedy is ARSENICUM IODATUM. 🙂

  • Nirmal Tanwar

    Baryta carb, Nat mur

  • Subrata Chatterje

    the link is not working. please check

  • Bhanu Prakash Varma

    Arsenic album 30….first week.