Miss D, 48, nervous temperament. Troubled for six years with diarrhoea, which occurred only in the morning and hurried her out of bed.
She had a severe attack when I saw her, aggravated by a suppressed perspiration. Gave Sulphur. No apparent relief in several weeks. From the
fact that, if she composed three lines even, in the afternoon, she would wake up the next morning with diarrhoea, showing the preponderating influence of mental labor, I gave A remedy in lm . The diarrhoea disappeared and congestive headaches, to which she was formerly subject, reappeared. They in their turn went away without any other medicine. The patient remained unusually well for three months, when an undue amount of mental work brought it on again, but it as readily yielded to the remedy again.




  1. Nat Mur 12x daily morning along with nat sulph6x and calc phis 6x 2 doses of each will cure the patient.

  2. More details reqd for assessing medicine. Sometimes diarrhoea may b amoebaeosis. Sometimes 2 drugs r reqd.


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