THEA (Thea Chinensis) or


REMEDY OF THE DAY: THEA (Thea Chinensis) or
Camelia chinensis, remedy made of thein.
Chinese people originally called it “kia” then was changed to “cha”
when it came to the west it became “Tea” all teas are made of the dry
processed leaves or buds of the Camelia sinensis bush which is native
…of asia, an evergreen tree with white flowers, with golden stamens.
Taken as an infusion has many properties due to its antibacterial and
antioxidant properties, tea testers, that do not drink but hold tea in mouth
several minutes they develop “paralisis of tea”syndrom affecting lower
limbs with numbness of the upper limbs, with sleeplessness, and nervousness.
Thea produces most of the sick headaches, dyspepsia of old tea drinkers,
and it is antidoted by tabacum (allen)
Ill humored, headache radiating from one point, hallucinations of hearing,,
murder dreams, and terrible dreams that do not scare the patient.
depression which is very visible, specially in people drinking tea warmth, warm bath.
Antidote Kali Hypophos, thuja, Ferr., Kali hyd.
Tea is the second most comonly used beberages of the world.
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