The second dose

The repetition of the dose is determined by the nature and force of the response elicited; this response-reveals the actual status of the patient in proportion to the accuracy of the prescription. The speed of the reaction is naturally governed by the course of the individual affection plus the vital reactive power of the individual. Hence, it follows that a quick relief in chronic disease bodes no good, if the remedy has been properly chosen.

No second dose should be given as long as the relief progresses, even though slightly. The amelioration is apt to show itself in the mental state first; the mind becomes more tranquil and the suffering is more easily borne, although its intensity may as yet not be lessened.

In a real cure the symptoms recede from above downward, from within outward and in the reverse order of their coming; all other ways are irregular and open to the suspicion of being mere palliation calculated to destroy the natural symmetry of the manifestations, hence to complicate and render the disease intractible.




  1. Perfect and very true…….sometimes just a single dose keeps working successfully for months…!!! 🙂

  2. Monique MadeintheShade Meinecke…This post speaks to qualified homoeopathic practitioners or students who understand the basic philosophy of homoeopathy. You need to seek a homoeopathic practitioner in your local area with all your issues. …you cannot expect a quick cure via the Internet! Good luck on your journey! 🙂

  3. Monique MadeintheShade Meinecke I was raised on and with Homeopathic remedies and can only advise you to seek out a nature path homeopathic Dr. because they open up your case and study, why it is and how it happened, they can fix anything i do believe but cures do not happen over night just as your health has not happened over night you have to work just as hard at doing what you should do and shouldn’t do just as hard as that Dr. such as eating all the right stuff, But you have came to the right place.

  4. I’m new to learning about all of this. I am looking to treat a variety of things. Mainly anxiety, stress, a little ADD, chronic back pain, fatigue & weight loss (unintentional weight loss that happened within a month and has lasted since 2009).

  5. It means the first remedy you take for your issues. It could be any remedy for any issue.

  6. What condition are you looking to treat? It will be best if you consult a professional homeopath.

  7. If you don’t mind, would you tell me where can I find the original remedy? I’m new to this page?

  8. It opens for me, but makes no sense. There’s talk of when to give a second dose. But, second dose of WHAT???


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