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In real affections of the liver and spleen we are not always able to find an actual enlargement of or severe pain in these organs. The previous
occurrence of typhoid, intermittent fever, icterus or pneumonia may lead us to infer the existence of some alteration in the liver or spleen. This inference is strengthened by the presence of digestive derangements, disposition to diarrhoea or constipation, bitter taste, coated tongue, yellow color of temples and corners of the mouth, muddy urine, light-colored stools, satiety, after very little food, sensitiveness of the hepatic region to pressure.

Affections of the spleen or liver a peculiar complexion resembling anaemia. In a former paper I mentioned the good effects of large doses of Bursa Pastoris in metrorrhagia, but that Card. Mar. is a valuable remedy the following case will show :

“A young married lady, aged 27, who had already had two children, had suffered for eight years from frequent attacks of metrorrhagia, coming on at menstrual period. The hemorrhage lasts twelve to fourteen days, and then leucorrhcea ensues. She suffers from costive bowels, is emaciated, yellow about temples and corners of mouth, bitter taste, and is very irritable. Her last child is six years old. Various gynaecologists have examined
her, and declare there is no idiopathic uterine affection, but the liver is not swollen. For the last six months she had suffered from periodic hemicrania.

She has undergone much treatment at the hands of celebrated physicians in various places, but without any good result. The yellow color of the temples and the digestive symptoms point to an affection of the liver ; hemorrhages attendant on liver disease demand Card Mar. She began to take the tincture on the sixth day of the discharge.

After a few doses the discharge decreased, and after two days stopped completely, and no leucorrhcea followed. On continuing the medicine the next period was much less, and lasted only five days. The lady recovered her health, her complexion became normal, and her bowels regular. After a few
months she declared that the ‘ miraculous drops’ had cured her.”

Reference: Homeopathic Recorder: CARDUUS MARIANUS. By Dr. R. E. Dudgeon, M. D.





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