I want here to call attention to the fact that this remedy of wide range is not one that is chosen from its positive power to cause pathological lesions, and yet if you look over either “Clark’s Dictionary” or “Hering’s Guiding Symptoms” under the head of clinics you would think that there was no disease to which flesh was heir where it might not be useful. Now when we refer to our resume of seven leaders :

1. Mild, gentle, yielding disposition, sad and despondent, weeps easily, sandy hair, blue eyes, pale face, muscles soft and flabby.

2. Changeable remedy, pains and swelling travel from joint to joint. Hæmorrhages flow and stop, then flow again ; no two stools, no two chills alike, etc.

3. Bad taste in the mouth, by cool open air, walking slowly around ; cold food or drink. Tying up tightly relieves the headache. I say when we refer to these it is hard to understand why this remedy should be so widely useful except from a homœopathic standpoint. And so we come again to the inevitable conclusion as Chas. S. Raue used to say : “The symptoms indicating the remedy may lie outside the symptoms which go to make the pathology of the case.” It is well for us not to lose sight of this great cardinal truth. It must be so else routinism would be the result. So long as disease attacks different individuals of different temperaments and different degrees of susceptibility and resistance, and especially with different complications, such as psora, syphilis and sycosis, so long must individualism as to choice of remedy be necessary.

Homœopathy is wide enough in its scope to cover all these possible conditions, and it cannot be squeezed into any pathological livery. This is the great advantage of our system over that of the old school. With them it is name the disease first, then prescribe, and often they cannot name it at all, what then ? Of course, do something or fire in the dark. With us if the symptoms of the patient, pathological or symptomalogical, one or both, correspond in its symptoms to the remedy, we are ready to act and to good purpose, too. Similia similibus curantur can never be wiped out. (N.)

  • Muhammad Siddique

    Chest Burning only dose 1M

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    Later stages of colds.

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    Greedy about money and wealth and itching of skin plethoric look what medixine plz

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    Wonderful Remedy in my practice

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    Gd fr Tea driking dispepsia

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    En especial.para.las rubias verdaderas, hipersensibles al llanto.

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    It is mild, soft and crying, good for period pain,

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    Good for indigestion due to fatty foods along with nux vom…carbo veg

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    Hyvä 🙂

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    Annan sitä sille….katotaan miten käy 😉

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    No ei, Nickiä!

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    Mia Valhalla lue Pulsatilla ja kato tota kuvaa, ketä se kuvaa???

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    Pulsatilla is a v good remedy for period pain too.

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    I’m so possessive for Pulsatilla. Comparing characteristics of a plant with nature of a human being is possible with homeopathy only…….

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    Pulsatilla is the not useful for pregnancy.

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    Pulsatilla…..mild,soft and crying with changeable nature…