The Dedication of Dr. Hering

Credit: Drexel University College of Medicine, Archives and Special Collections

The Glonoine, so named by Dr. Hering, by chemists called nitro-glycerine, from which is prepared the powerful and destructive dynamite, although discovered some time before by a chemist named Sobrero, was nowhere obtainable and had to be made at the instigation of Dr. Hering. This was done by the Hon. Morris Davis, of Philadelphia, then chemist for the Lovering Sugar Refineries. Dr. Zumbrock, of Washington, Dr. Hering’s assistant, also spent a great amount of patient labor upon its preparation, and succeeded in discovering a method by which the substance could be made, even in the hottest weather, an undertaking previously fraught with danger, on account of its ready explosiveness by contact with heat.

The effects upon the provers, of whom Dr. Hering himself was foremost, were of the most painful character, some of them having symptoms strongly resembling apoplexy, the violent headache with a great rush of blood to the head being painfully prominent.

We are ever grateful to Dr. Hering for all his contributions to Homeopathy.





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