BY John Paterson M. B., Ch. B., D. P. H. (Camb.), F. F. Hom.

INDICATIONS FOR THE USE OF THE BOWEL NOSODES IN DISEASE An extract from : As in general hom├àÔÇ£opathic practice the more obvious the “mentals” the higher the potency, but if there are marked pathological symptoms the general rule is to employ the lower potencies.

With outstanding “mentals” I prefer the nosode in 1m potency or higher, if obtainable, but if there is obvious evidence of advanced pathological conditions such as advanced rheumatoid arthritis, or malignancy, I would employ the 6c potency and give this in a daily dose over a period, the duration of which would be determined by clinical observation and evidence of reaction.

Between these extremes there is an intermediate level of potency -The 30C- which I have found useful where there is a combination of acute and chronic, e. g. in acute broncho-pneumonia superimposed upon a chronic condition, with a miasmatic background, a tubercular diathesis.

The number and frequency of the doses of the chosen nosode can be determined only by clinical observation and experience.

The higher the potency chosen the less frequent the repetition and number of doses, is a good working rule for the use of the nosodes, but it has been found a useful practice to complement the action of a nosode in single high potency dose, with repeated doses of the low potency of an associated remedy. As example, a case of skin eruption may call for a single dose of Morgan-pure (Paterson) 1M but the intolerable itch may also call for Sulphur in the 3X to the 6c potency in repeated doss. Also in chronic arthritis, alter a dose of the appropriate nosode for the case, considerable benefit to the patient may follow the use of a low potency remedy, chosen from the list of associated remedies, and given over a considerable period of time.




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