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T : Tremendously hurried, excited. Twitching and jerking as soon as attention is turned on her, when there are no observers, she has no hysterical attacks.
A : Aversion to being touched, to meat. Annual periodicity of symptoms is marked. Alternate chill and heat.
R : Restlessness of extreme type, must keep in constant motion, even though walking aggravates. Rages and mania with tremendous passion or even extreme violence and desire to kill. Restless sleep.
E : Extra ordinary contractions and movements leading to locomotor ataxia.Every menstrual period tongue, mouth and throat get intolerably dry especially while sleeping.
N : Numbness in legs. Neuralgic headache, aggravated by least noise, touch, strong light and ameliorated by rubbing the head against the pillow.
T : Thirst for large quantities of cold water. Termini of nerves become so irritated and sensitive that some kind of friction is necessary to obtain relief.
U: Ungrateful, discontented, uncontrollable sexual desire. Uneasiness in the legs, must move them constantly with yawning. Unusually sensitive to music which ameliorates all complaints.
L: Loves music and dancing, which excites or calms him. Laughing and wildness. Legs restless in bed. When music is turned on she would jump about and dance.
A: Amelioration from music especially loud, wild music and dancing, in open air rubbing affected parts.
H: Hysterical epilepsy, hysteria with chlorosis. Hyperesthesia, formication. Pins and needle sensation.
I: Incredible quickness, jumps out of bed and smashes something before she can be prevented. Industrious, works at unbelievable pace. Intense sexual excitement, increased strength during manic episodes. Intermittent fever with choreic convulsions.
S: Sudden alteration of moods. Slight touch along the spine provokes spasmodic pains in the chest and cardiac region. Sudden fox like destructive efforts requiring utmost vigilance to prevent damages, followed by laughter and appologies.
P: Pruritus vulvae, worse after menses. Paroxysms feigned, feigns fainting and insensibility, looks sideways to observe the effects on those around her.
A: Averse to company but wants some one present. Aversion to strong colors or specific colors, such as green, red and black.
N: Nymphomania of violent nature agg by coition. Neuralgia of uterus, accompanied with sadness and despair.
I: Intense thirst for large quantities of cold water, with desire to eat or loss of appetite. Impatient and intolerant if others are moving slowly. Impulses destructive: breaks, tears, throws things. Indicated in choreic affections where whole body or the right arm and left leg are principally affected (reverse: Agar) .
C: Cunning like fox manipulative and dishonest. Constrictive sensations, chilly and worse from cold. Cough only relieved from smoking. Craving for raw food indigestible things, sand, spices.
A: Aggravation by motion,” contact, noise, seeing otherwise in trouble.

Vydyanath Subramaniam




  1. This remedy prescribed by my Homeopath/teacher while I was a student, was incredible. It was the second prescription after at least a year on my previous remedy. A layer emerged and was quickly cured by Tarentula Hisp.


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