Sulphur Children

Children’s types group IV, warm-blooded there are two types of children 1. a fairly well-nourished, well-grown child, big headed. Heavy build and rather awkward and clumsy in their movements, strong hair, high
colored. Skin tends to be roughish, roughen in a cold wind, sweat easily, red extremities, red hands, red feet, very red lips, red ears, and they easily run to redness of the margin of the lids, poorly developed eyelashes, and attacks of blepharitis. crusty eruptions about the eyelids, they scratch it.

2. The other Sulph type is thin, fairly big head, spindly legs, often with a big abdomen, rather poorly developed chest, tends to be pale, rougher skin, dry coarser skin, with a marked tendency for the skin to split, to crack on exposure, the child looks more seedy, less vitality, easily tired, and stands badly.

The first type tend to be quarrelsome, impatient, rather critical faultfinding, discontented, dissatisfied, they feel not getting a fair deal, and underestimated. Lazy because of lack of stamina, and get tired out on exertion, dislike interference, they know how to do things, they know what they want, they strongly resent their parents butting in, they are independent and think they will do better if left by their own.

The type 2. are have less stamina than the fat ones. easily exhausted, they cannot stand for any length of time.
A key note of Sulph child is a big appetite, fat or thin, well-defined he know what he like and dislikes. Occasionally care salt but is a matter with a taste, they crave out of the ordinary food, the unusual dish that the average child dislikes.

Another constant features of Sulphur children are that they are very sluggish after meals, heavy and sleepy, they like to lie and irritable when disturbed., they get digestive upsets from milk. The babies very often get sickness, get diarrhea and vomiting from milk and this marked mild agg. is often overlooked, Skin irritation is constant, worse from warmth, warm room warm bed, sun, clothing., pleasure from scratching without relieve worse at night, quite apart from being hot. worse at rest and amel. if busy. Worse all orifices, nose, ears, mouth, urethra, anus, congested, red, hot and itchy.

Red mouth with red tip tongue, red margin, dry mouth, thirsty, this applies in acute conditions than in chronic.
Always agg. by heat, with waves of heat and chilliness, Sulph. children aggravate by bathing, they look dirty.

A sulphur child will have blackheads scattered over the forehead. Hot heads and cold hands, or hot hands and cold
feet, or cold feet and hot heads, general disturbances of heat and cold.

A Sulphur child is constipated, enlarged abdomen, liver, abnormal appetite, sleepiness after meals, attacks of colic. Diarrhea early in the morning for the thin type, after 4am. with offensive stool. these children have offensive odors, discharges, eruptions, perspiration, and difficult to get clean. They do not like to get bathed. lethargic and sleepy during the day, they get terrified of fire.

Hungry period is 11 am, and they get seedy, headache, irritable and tired out if they have to wait for their meals.
They have excoriating discharges, with redness about the nose, intense irritation, they pick on them until it bleeds.

They get chronic tonsillitis, a deeply injected throat, swollen, hot, with offensive breath with masses of glands in the neck extending to submaxillary glands, Tonsillitis with irregular heat and cold, shivering attacks, sweaty attacks, and thirst for cold water.

Chronic ear discharge, excoriating, offensive , redness about the external ear, agg. from hot applications, or hot fomentation.

They go from mild bronchitis to an acute pneumonia, with lack of oxygen, they cannot stand a stuffy atmosphere like
and amel. in fresh air. sulph for jaundice in children, acute catarrhal jaundice with marked intolerance to milk with colic attacks of diarrhea, that produces redness and rawness about the buttocks, intense irritation, scratching..

The thin type suffers from acute rheumatic conditions, irregular sweats, feeling of heat, thirst, red type tip of tongue. They are extremely pleased with their possessions, their toys are the best, the family is the best, even a quite small child has a definite sense of values. They respond well to 30C. or 200C

Reference: Childrens Types by D.M.Borland.
Beatriz H Hill,




  1. An excellent article…it gives an overview of a child that’s in need of sulphur…it can vary from eczema to persistent coughs especially early morning upon rising from bed

  2. Homeopathy looks for idiosyncrasies to determine the best remedy for various ailments. Many remedies can cure say a headache but describing different attributes helps the practitioner decide which one to try first based on other symptoms and characteristics.

  3. What is the purpose of that article? What does it mean? And what are the treatments to help those children eliminate their various health problems?


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