SULPHUR to the rescue!


Was called to visit Mrs. —–, æt. fifty-two, June 6, 1879. Found she had been suffering from metrorrhagia, constipation and concomitants for about ten years. She stated that her medical adviser had always been an allopath. He who last attended her, after a protracted and unsuccessful trial of his individual skill, had accompanied her to New York to consult a now emeritus professor of surgery of an allopathic medical college, who had made for himself an enviable reputation as an operating surgeon. The emeritus professor, after obtaining a history of the case and making his examinations, endeavored to console the lady by informing her that his wife was in about the same condition as herself ; that he sent her to this retreat and that watering place, all of which resulted in little if any benefit ; and intimated that she might, if she thought well of it, do the same.

She concluded not to think well of it, and so returned as she went, like the door upon its hinges, unprofited.
Her physician, after an attendance of several years, during which his patient became gradually worse, abandoned the case. She had the assurance, however, to inform me that if he had only persevered in his attendance she supposed he would have relieved her.
She gave me to understand, moreover, that it was at the instance of some of her friends that I had been called, and not because she had any confidence in Homœopathy.

Her metrorrhagia, which had been exceedingly prostrating and annoying in many ways from its incipiency, had continued constantly for the last six months with the exception of two weeks, and was of a passive or active character, accompanied by very little pain.
At time it consisted of a slight oozing, the discharge presenting a dark appearance ; at others it passed in considerable gushes, and was a bright red color, with very few clots.

To procure alvine evacuations, it was her custom to resort to enemata or cathartics. She complained bitterly of painful hæmorrhoids. Her general appearance was bloated, and her extremities œdematous. She had an annoying bearing down sensation, especially when on the feet, so that she moved about with difficulty. She had occasional stitches from right to left, across the epigastrium, and was quite sensitive to a jolt or jar.
The symptoms which led to the selection of the similimum were the following : Frequent hot flushes to the face ; feet habitually cold or burning soles. (Feet so cold she must sit with them in the oven of the kitchen stove, or soles so hot at night that she must put them from under the bedcovers to cool them). Heat in the vertex. An empty, faint sensation at the epigastrium about 11 A. M., rendering it necessary to partake of some food. Unable to lie on the left side or back ; must lie on the right side. (Lying on the left side was followed by intolerable unrest, on the back by nightmare). Drinks much, eats little.

During treatment the importance of keeping quiet was not enjoined upon the patient, but she was allowed to exert herself in any way she deemed proper, nor was she restricted in the least in regard to her diet.

A few pellets of Sulph. m. m. were given her dry on the tongue, June 6, 1876, and the dose was not repeated nor any other remedy given for four months. As she had been subjected for many years to allopathic dosing, she was provided with the usual placebo, with direction to take three pellets at night if she felt that she needed them. She was also directed to call me at any time if warranted by any change in her symptoms. On the 6th of October, 1876, being in the immediate vicinity of her residence, I called on my patient to ascertain particulars, having heard, incidentally only, that she was better. She soon presented herself, exhibiting an appearance very different from that of four months previously. Her first exclamation was, “Under God I am indebted to you for my restoration to health.” She further stated, “A week after commencing the medicine the hæmorrhage ceased, and has not returned. At the time the hæmorrhage disappeared my bowels became regular in their evacuations, and have remained so. My painful hæmorrhoids have ceased to exist. At my monthly periods I menstruate normally for two or three days.” I inquired, “What about your other symptoms ?” She replied, “Oh, the hot flushes to my face, my cold feet or burning soles, the all-gone feeling at the stomach about 11 o’clock A. M., the inability to lie on the left side or back, the disposition to drink frequently and largely, and not being able to eat much have all disappeared, and I really feel as if I could not be sufficiently grateful.” (L. Shafer, M. D.)

A case from the clinic of Dr. Nash




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