Homeopathy Sulphur

What come to mind when you think of SULPHUR?





  1. Hot Patient, Desires sweets, Dislikes bathing, Thirsty, Can’t wait for lunch at 10 – 11a.m with empty gone like sensation in the stomach, Heat sensation on vertex, Stool- sudden urging from rising with sour smell, past hist – skin disease,Standing position worst position,Body built- Slender, stoop shoulder, fair complexion, Dirty looks,
    Mental symptoms – philosophical mania, selfish person,

  2. Dirty skin want to have the feets outside the blanket at night selfish mentely upset it is the king of anti psoric remedy

  3. Burning after scratching, aggravated at night; standing is worst position;unclean skin; aversion to bathing

  4. Ragged philosopher
    Flawed logic/ world view
    Beauty in rags
    Cant stand without support
    Burning sensations
    Lean and lanky

  5. Burning sensation at night
    Can’t cover feet with blanket.
    King of antipsroric

  6. -congestion single part
    – burning is for sulphur & sulphur is for burning
    – ragged philosopher

  7. dirty man………never takes a bath and think himself extra ordinary rich………..

  8. At first u should have to take totaliity of symptoms then take medicine this is better for u sister Anjum Hanif

  9. want to have the legs outside the blanket #sensation of burning on sole #..etc

  10. Selfish, ego, dirty look, lazy aversion to stand for long time and desire to sit, skin eruptions, burn after itch,Inter current remedy for chronic disease.

  11. Patient likes cold weather but don’t like water. Also used on when right remade doesn’t work.

  12. 1st miyasm sora, best anti psoric, looks dirty avoids to bath, and and clear all obstruction to cure,

  13. Indolent ,skin compl, aversion of bathing, selfish ,perseverance, houghty, burning, can’t stay at one place, covers all d 3 miasm, Hot pt,

  14. want to have the legs outside the blanket at night..dry skin..quick outburst..Mentaly unclear..diarrea..oile stools..bluring vision at times..exema and nervous aggravated energy

  15. always indicate sulphur homeopathically .standing is the worst position for sulphur patients,it is always uncomfortable.

  16. Excelente para problemas de la piel, para las pesadillas también, herpes oral, etc.

  17. ●King of antipsoric…
    ●skin symptoms suppressed
    ●standing- the worst position of sulphur

  18. Is sulph er iz metal or flower kindly clear my confusion I m t student of 3rd BHMs

  19. Temprament_Nervous Temprment_Nervous, scrofulous distress, aggravation_ from warmth of bed, washing, walking


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