Homeopathy Sulphur

What come to mind when you think of SULPHUR?

  • DrHansadhwaja Pradhan

    Hot Patient, Desires sweets, Dislikes bathing, Thirsty, Can’t wait for lunch at 10 – 11a.m with empty gone like sensation in the stomach, Heat sensation on vertex, Stool- sudden urging from rising with sour smell, past hist – skin disease,Standing position worst position,Body built- Slender, stoop shoulder, fair complexion, Dirty looks,
    Mental symptoms – philosophical mania, selfish person,

  • Darshan Kauldhar

    Panacea for almost all ills on earth – wonder no’t if we say so!

  • Madhankumar Arjunan

    A best psoric remedy

  • Bharat Bhushan Sharma

    Dirty skin want to have the feets outside the blanket at night selfish mentely upset it is the king of anti psoric remedy

  • Ruchi Srivastava

    Burning after scratching, aggravated at night; standing is worst position;unclean skin; aversion to bathing

  • Sridhar Throvagunta

    Ragged philosopher
    Flawed logic/ world view
    Beauty in rags
    Cant stand without support
    Burning sensations
    Lean and lanky

  • Adnan Latif

    Burning sensation at night
    Can’t cover feet with blanket.
    King of antipsroric

  • Goldy Dewda Sirvi

    -congestion single part
    – burning is for sulphur & sulphur is for burning
    – ragged philosopher

  • Nisha Sisodia

    Itching…dirty…aversion to bathing…king of rags…desire sweets.

  • Yaqub Ali Khan

    dirty man………never takes a bath and think himself extra ordinary rich………..

  • Priyanka Palve

    Dirty or messy , confused, sometime loud, proudy

  • Humayera Shahid

    At first u should have to take totaliity of symptoms then take medicine this is better for u sister Anjum Hanif

  • Ashwani Parihar K

    want to have the legs outside the blanket #sensation of burning on sole #..etc

  • Anjum Hanif

    I used this medicine on skin itching but sadly fail.

  • Hannah Smith

    My daughters constitutional remedy! Great stuff

  • Venkatesan RK

    Selfish, ego, dirty look, lazy aversion to stand for long time and desire to sit, skin eruptions, burn after itch,Inter current remedy for chronic disease.

  • Caroline Lord

    & Dr Johnson.

  • Md Kawsar

    Patient likes cold weather but don’t like water. Also used on when right remade doesn’t work.

  • Brennen Duplantis

    Itchy skin eruptions

  • Jawaid Rajput

    1st miyasm sora, best anti psoric, looks dirty avoids to bath, and and clear all obstruction to cure,

  • DrPradnya Bankar

    Indolent ,skin compl, aversion of bathing, selfish ,perseverance, houghty, burning, can’t stay at one place, covers all d 3 miasm, Hot pt,

  • Mia Nilsson

    want to have the legs outside the blanket at night..dry skin..quick outburst..Mentaly unclear..diarrea..oile stools..bluring vision at times..exema and nervous aggravated energy

  • Saira Hashmi

    always indicate sulphur homeopathically .standing is the worst position for sulphur patients,it is always uncomfortable.

  • Farhat Ghazala

    Dirty filthy people .Avoid to being wash.

  • Jane Godfrey

    In a high %of rubrics because it is so basic to our expression of being.

  • Kas-Sky Centre

    Bowels drive him out bed first thing in the morning

  • Winston Chirambo

    Brush remedy ,

  • Quyamuddin Ahmad

    standing is the worst position of Sulphur patient.

  • Elsy Judith

    Excelente para problemas de la piel, para las pesadillas también, herpes oral, etc.

  • Das Samaita

    ●King of antipsoric…
    ●skin symptoms suppressed
    ●standing- the worst position of sulphur

  • Anamika Shahi

    Yaaaa good for stomach.

  • Prosun Paul

    Burning & itching.

  • Humayera Shahid

    Is sulph er iz metal or flower kindly clear my confusion I m t student of 3rd BHMs

  • Humayera Shahid

    Not only skin but also good for dirrhoea dysentery

  • Syama Prasad

    Best for skin complaints and hunger @ 11 am

  • Humayera Shahid

    Complementory_Alose and poor.

  • Humayera Shahid

    Temprament_Nervous Temprment_Nervous, scrofulous distress, aggravation_ from warmth of bed, washing, walking

  • Pinky Singh

    Best for Skin Deasses

  • Humayera Shahid

    King of Abtipsoric remedy

  • Rigmor Qvarnström

    Sleep good with D30 !