Suicidal tendencies

Sometimes in life It may seem like there’s no way to solve your problems and that suicide is the only way to end the pain. But you can take steps to stay safe — and start enjoying your life again.

The symptoms

  • Talking about suicide — for example, making statements such as “I’m going to kill myself,” “I wish I were dead” or “I wish I hadn’t been born”
  • Getting the means to take your own life, such as buying a gun or stockpiling pills
  • Withdrawing from social contact and wanting to be left alone
  • Having mood swings, such as being emotionally high one day and deeply discouraged the next
  • Being preoccupied with death, dying or violence
  • Feeling trapped or hopeless about a situation
  • Increasing use of alcohol or drugs
  • Changing normal routine, including eating or sleeping patterns
  • Doing risky or self-destructive things, such as using drugs or driving recklessly
  • Giving away belongings or getting affairs in order when there’s no other logical explanation for doing this
  • Saying goodbye to people as if they won’t be seen again
  • Developing personality changes or being severely anxious or agitated, particularly when experiencing some of the warning signs listed above

You need to reach out.

  • Reach out to a close friend or loved one — even though it may be hard to talk about your feelings
  • Contact your spiritual leader or someone in your faith community
  • Call a suicide hotline
  • Make an appointment with your doctor, other health care provider or mental health provider

Homeopathy can help in overcoming suicidal thoughts. We discuss some remedies that your homeopath will consider.

Arsenicum album: when there is great indifference to life, with inclination towards suicide.

Aurum muriaticum: Excessive desire for death, with melancholy; notion, that he was not intended for this world, with anxiety amounting to a desire to commit suicide, attended with derangement and cramps in the stomach and bowels.

Belladonna: Distaste for life, with desire for death, wishes some one to kill him, attempts to jump out of the -window ; anxiety and desire for death, alternating with paroxysms of fury.

Carbo vegetabilis: Despair with weeping, every thing seems clothed in the darkest colors, inclination to suicide, with irascibility, desire for death, because he thinks that he is most unfortunate.

Nux vomlca: Inclination to commit suicide, with palpitation of the heart, and great anxiety ; desire for death, because his great agony of mind allows him no repose : inclination to commit suicide, because his present pains and misfortunes seem insupportable to him.

Sepia: Discouragement with absolute despair, attended with moroseness ; distaste for life in an extreme degree, because he thinks that he cannot endure his pitiable condition, and that he will be irretrievably lost in this world if he continues to live.

Alumina: Whenever he sees blood or a knife, he is seized with a crowd of terrible ideas, attended with an inclination to kill himself, although he has a horror of suicide.

China: is indicated when there is a distaste for life, with melancholy, anxiety and feverish heat which drives him to his bed, attended with inclination to suicide, although he dreads to carry it into execution.

Mercurius solubilis: when there is disgust for life, from want of courage to meet its trials and mortifications ; or desire for death, from an insupportable indifference for every person and thing, even those which are most loved.

Acidum nitricum: when there is disgust for life, with discontent ; desire for death, although one is afraid to die.

Phosphorus: when there is disgust for life, because the whole world seems gloomy and terrible ; tears alone bring relief, and they are followed by the most extreme apathy.

Platina: when there is a distaste for life, as if one was not suited to the world as it is, attended with great agony about the heart, fear of dying, and depression of spirits ; disgust for the whole world, with inclination to weep.

Staphysagria: Desire for death, from an insupportable hypochondriacal indifference to everything ; disgust for life, from anxiety and disquieting thoughts.

Sulphur: Disgust for life, from discouragement and sadness, and from the feeling of being exceedingly unhappy.




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  3. Pl do not confuse people,there is no spefic in homoeopathy,if symtom matches,any medicine can be used.Better patient should doctor.We cannot prescribe on single symtom.


  5. Wht abt suicidal tendency in case of financial Loss. Wht are the remedies. Person is stubborn by nature. Even after 4 years, has not recovered from financial shock and Cries / Shouts in Sleep for some sort of help…

  6. Aurum met and Nat sulph are two important remadies but we should know the means adopted as by hanging,poisoning,drowning etc

  7. I try c veg in indigestion and arsenic use running of nose anyway both medicine very important in homeopathy

  8. 1-Staphisagria-200,
    4-Lycopadium-200 r the best for suicidal tedency……


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