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C M Boger
The radical cure of a neurosis having the appended symptoms should, I think, not be allowed to slip into oblivion, where I am afraid very much of our best work goes.
I had known the sufferer for twenty-eight years, but only within a little less than six months did she first ask for relief from a series of symptoms which had been slowly increasing for the past twelve years.

The most distress arose from a slowly growing intention tremor, which had lately become a serious affair, and was aggravated by every emotion; fear, especially, affected her greatly. The eyes were heavy, but visions of horrid faces ap­peared at once on closing them or in the half waking state of going to sleep. This kept her awake very much, but if she once fell to sleep there were almost continuous laborious dreams. Moreover, she slept better in a noise. She took no real interest in anything, but talked incessantly of trifles when aroused. She was chilly, and if she began to sneeze, gooseflesh at once ap­peared all over the body. Frequent scanty urine; must go at once when nervous.
The most peculiar as well as the most certainly significant symptoms were those coming on during the half-waking state




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