Stye is an acute inflammation of the cellular tissue of the lid leading to suppuration and pointing at the edge of the lid.
The location of the inflammation is usually in the tissue surrounding a hair follicle.

At first it appears as a circumscribed redness and swelling, which soon extends so that the whole lid will often become swollen. There is severe throbbing pain. Often times there are two or more at the same time or they may occur in successive crops. They will usually point and break in three or four days, though they may undergo absorption without breaking.

Homeopathy helps when there is a recurrence of the stye. A thourough case taking by your homeopath will be necessary to arrive at the similimum.

We discuss some remedy resonance that your homeopath may consider.

Graphites — Useful in preventing the recurrence of styes. This must always be compared with the general symptoms of the patient.

Hepar sulphuricum — Indicated if suppuration has already commenced, with throbbing pain, great sensitiveness to touch and amelioration by

Pulsatilla — This is an excellent remedy for styes of every description and in every stage of the disease. If given early, before the formation of pus, it will often cause them to abort; if used later, relief from the pain and hastening of the process of cure is frequently produced, while, as a remedy for the prevention of the recurrence of successive crops, it is often of great value. It is especially
useful if dependent upon some gastric derangement, as from indulgence in high living, fat food, etc., and if accompanied by acne of the face ;
also when found in amenorrhoeic females or the peculiar Pulsatilla temperament.

Staphisagria — Recurrence of styes, especially on the lower lid, which are inclined to abort and leave little hard nodules in the lids.

Sulphur — To prevent the recurrence of successive crops, especially in a strumous diathesis, as shown by eruptions, boils, etc., on
various portions of the body. Cannot bear to have the eyes washed and is restless and feverish at niffht.

Thuja — Obstinate forms of styes, which seem to resist treatment and form little hard nodules on the margins of the lids.




  1. If you don’t know don’t share or like.That will create destructive effects rather than constructive as far as Homoeopathy is concerned

  2. agreed… recurrent styes on my right eye even after a minor surgical removal 🙁 homoeopathy is a miracle. pulsatilla and silicea worked for me..

  3. La plantilla con el apis funcionan muy bien en desordenes cólicos ministeriales los regula

  4. I just had a huge stye on my left eye. It’s been there for over a week until I used Staphisagria as topical med once a day and its gone now. Thank you Homeopathy.

  5. It’s not always a good thing, to just ‘try’ remedies, if they don’t work for people, you’ve lost them to the benefits of homeopathy, I always recommend visiting a homeopath!


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