How to Stop Your Partner from Snoring


Snoring is by far the most annoying thing that you have to go through if you share a bed with someone. A snoring partner will probably not even realize that they are doing it, but for you, it will be impossible to get any form of sleep. And if you have to wake up early for work or other engagements the chances are that you will always be annoyed with your better half.

But, before you let the snoring affect your relationship the right idea is to try and help him or her stop snoring and here are some tips on how to do it.

#1 Weight Management

If you want a permanent or lasting solution to your partner’s snoring problem, you need to help them shed some weight. Overweight individuals tend to snore a lot since the extra fat around the neck narrows the airways and hence making it harder for them to breathe when sleeping. The annoying snort that they reproduce is a result of air trying to squeeze through the narrow airway.

It is easier to help someone that you live with shed some weight than you might think. First, you should create a healthy meal plan and avoid too much fat. Also, you can encourage your spouse to exercise by doing it as a couples activity. Even shedding just a few pounds can make a significant difference.

#2 Sleep Position

Sleeping on the back is another key reason why many people snore and if this is how your better half prefers to sleep you need to help them change it. For this, you should invest in many and best latex pillows so that he/she can use them for support when sleeping on the side. Also, the pillows can be useful for keeping their head elevated when sleeping to ensure the tongue will not fall back and block the airways which can also cause snoring.

#3 Skip the Alcohol

Alcohol relaxes the throat muscles and causes an obstruction of the airways hence leading to snoring. And so if your better half likes to take one or a few glasses of wine after dinner you should encourage them to change the habit as it might be the cause of their snoring. Also, smoking and taking sleeping pills will have the same effect. If they must take anything to help them sleep milk or cherry tart juice would be the ideal options as they do not have any effect on the airways but have potent sleep-inducing properties.

#4 Snore Guard

An anti snoring device is one of the best gifts that you can give your snoring partner (and also yourself) since it is a useful solution for the problem. There are many types of these devices in the market but to choose the right one you will need to determine how your partner breathes during sleep. For the mouth breathers, you need to buy something that will help to push the lower gum forward or prevent the tongue from falling back so as to keep the airways open. Nasal strips and dilators will be the ideal choice for the nose breathers.


Snoring might not sound like something very significant, but this is far from the truth since it can strain relationships. Luckily, there are various and easy things that you can do to help your partner deal with the issue, and if the four above do not work, you can always talk to a doctor about possible treatments.