The seed of Stavesacre was known to Dioscorides as an agent for producing vomiting and salivation, and for the cure of toothache; “the origin of which application,” says Hahnemann (M. M. P.), “was evidently domestic practice. J. H. Schultze, when suffering from toothache, took some of the seed in his mouth, but it gave him such a violent exacerbation that he thought he should go mad. . . . As an, exterminator of vermin this seed was called by the Greeks Øθειρσκσκκον, and as such it still enters into the composition of an officinal ointment (unguentum pediculosum).” This last is the only use of Staph. now known to orthodox medicine (Brunton).

Teste (who groups Staph. with Caust.) remarks that Staph., which shares this property with Coccul., is, like Coccul., used in some countries for the purpose of stupefying fish. Again, Teste found Staph. (he gave it in 6th dil.), like Coccul., a remedy for seasickness. To be successful, Staph. had to be taken at the moment when dizziness and nausea commenced, before vomiting set in; and it always helped “nervous persons, not over fat, and disposed to sadness.” Staph. produced in Teste himself these symptoms: “Long-lasting vertigo, accompanied by continued nausea as in sea-sickness,” and this: “Vertigo, which ceases on rapidly turning round on one’s heel.” This corresponds with one of Hahnemann’s symptoms: “Wheeling vertigo, especially while sitting, ameliorated by walking about (in a circle).” It is noteworthy that Staph. and Coccul. are both head-remedies and both effective against head lice. Both also affect the genitals, Staph. more especially, and both are remedies for crab lice. An application of a dilution of the tincture of the strength of one part to four of water will destroy the parasites, though the state which favours their presence needs internal treatment (probably with a dilution of the same remedy) at the same time. In Teste’s experience, Staph. was no less effective in the nausea of pregnancy than in the nausea of sea-sickness. Tabac. is another remedy for sickness, and Teste cured with Staph. effects of tobacco smoking (excoriated tongue; gastralgia); and he also cured with it the habit of “swallowing the tobacco smoke.” The use of Staph. in the sickness of pregnancy arises out of its power over the genital functions.

It produces both physical and moral sexual disturbances, provokes excesses and irregular sexual appetites, a tendency to masturbation, and a physical state corresponding to the effects of that habit. It is one, of Gallavardin’s chief remedies (Passion Génitale) for removing the habit of masturbation in children, and for removing improper appetites in adults. Staph. is one of the remedies which has “ toothache. Motion <. rest>; (but pain in kidney and neuralgia of scalp; and cold water > pain in stye). by walking; or by turning rapidly round on the heel.─Fine, burning, needle-like stitches, externally on vertex.─Hard, pressive pain in vertex.─Headache in the morning on waking, as if brain were bruised.─Stupefying, pressing headache, as if brain were compressed.─(Stupefying headache that she had had for three days goes away at once.─R. T. C.).─Pain in l. side of head with inability to keep eyelids open (produced.─R. T. C.).─Stunning pain in the head, sometimes alternately with boring.─Heaviness in head, esp. forehead, above root of nose (> by resting head upon hand).─Pressing in forehead as from a very heavy lump (wedge of wood or plug) which will not be shaken off; when at rest, and when leaning head against something.─Dulness in small spot in middle of forehead.─Violent pressing boring stitches in l. half of forehead, from within outward, in morning.─Drawing, tearing, or lancinating pressure in the head.─Headache, as if forehead were about to split, on moving it, or on stooping.─Burning in l. temple; internally and externally, as if bones would be pressed out, the toothache); black streaks running through teeth.─Affections of teeth on r. side chiefly; decayed teeth very often excessively tender on being filled; can’t bear the operation.─Painful sensitiveness, swelling, and easy bleeding of gums.─Painful nodosities and excrescences on the gums.─Tearing in gums of lower incisors, and their roots while eating.─Gums pale, white, ulcerated (spongy).

Mouth.─Mouth and tongue covered with vesicles; stomacace.─Conditions of mouth and throat like scurvy and mercurial poisoning.─Painful excrescences on interior of cheek.─Ulcers in mouth.─Salivation.─Sanguineous saliva.─Constant accumulation of mucus in mouth.─Swelling of glands under tongue.─(Cysts in connection with salivary ducts.─R. T. C.).─Ranula.─Tongue: white-coated; dry, with tough mucus stopping posterior nares; stitches in tip; sore pain in anterior part; sticking in margins.─Shootings in tongue, as from splinters.─Low voice, from weakness of the organs of speech (after anger).─Nasal voice from stoppage of posterior nares.─While talking she swallows continually.─(Chronic winter throats with enlarged tonsils.─R. T. C.)

Throat.─Roughness (dryness) and scraping in throat, with feeling of excoriation, when swallowing and speaking.─Constant deglutition when speaking.─Dryness and shootings in palate and throat.─Sticking in throat on swallowing.─Tonsillitis, on swallowing a stitch runs up from throat into ear.─Swelling of tonsils (also after the misuse of Mercury).─Painful drawing from hyoidal arch into throat, by eating, esp. bread.─Fulness, pressure, and shootings in scrobiculus.─Digging pain in stomach.─Anxious tension across hypochondria, in morning, with obstructed respiration.

Abdomen.─Biliary colic, after domestic disturbance.─Tensive pressure in abdomen.─Hard pressure in r. side beneath umbilicus.─Pinching stitch in l. viscera.─Enlargement of the abdomen in children.─Drawing pains across abdomen.─Sensation of weakness and bearing down in abdomen, as if it would drop; wants to hold it up.─Gripings after all kinds of food and drink.─Colic with urging to urinate.─Spasmodic cuttings, with want to evacuate.─Frequent production and incarceration of flatus (smelling like rotten eggs).─Eruption of pimples as large as peas on whole abdomen and thighs, itch; when scratched off are moist and then burn.─Frequent discharge of hot or fetid flatus.─Painful swelling of inguinal glands.─Inguinal hernia.

Stool and Anus.─Constipation.─Hard evacuations.─Frequent want to evacuate, with scanty evacuations, hard or soft.─Evacuation tardy, without being hard.─Difficult evacuation.─Obstinate constipation sets in two weeks after a single dose of Ø (R. T. C.).─Loose evacuations, preceded, accompanied, and followed by tenesmus and gripings.─Diarrhœa: standing and from warmth.─Exceedingly severe pain in r. leg, extending into genitals, esp. testes; attacks followed by great prostration.─Painful weakness of thighs and legs, esp. of knee-joint.─Pain as of a fracture in thighs when walking.─Itching tetters on thighs and legs.─Itching on inner side of thighs.─Drawing shootings in the knees and knee-joints ( After breakfast; from breaking wind.─H. N. G.].─Has been used as an application for healing recent wounds.─Paralytic drawing in joints, esp. during movement, or when the parts are in a false position.─Drawing tearing in muscles, esp. when seated.─Twitches at night.─Acute, penetrating, deep lancinations in different parts.─Cramps in limbs.─Painful inflammations of bones; suppuration of bones and periosteum.─Swelling of bones.─Semilateral paralysis, after a fit of anger.─Syncope.─Painful sensibility of all muscles, when touched, and of joints, when using them.─Mechanical injuries from sharp-cutting instruments.─Painful weariness and excessive lassitude, esp. during movement; > by sitting or lying down.─Continued disposition to remain lying down.─Great fatigue, early in morning, with stiffness of all joints.─Sore and stiff all over, swollen fingers and sore tibiæ (produced.─R. T. C.).─After a siesta, cloudiness, with heaviness in limbs.─Relieves pains of cancer (R. T. C.).

Skin.─Tingling, as from insects, over whole body, esp. in morning.─Chronic miliary eruptions, sometimes with convulsive jerks at night.─Eruption of itching, oozing nodosities, with burning pain.─Scald-head with yellow scab, smells badly, itches very much, &c.─Exanthema on cheeks, face, or particularly if it is yellow; with a creeping itching.─Incised wounds, with great pain.─Herpetic eruptions, with itching in evening; and burning sensation after scratching them.─Arthritic nodosities on the joints.─Dry, crusty tetters on the joints.─Painful engorgement and induration of the glands.─Unhealthy skin, easily suppurating.─Frequent furunculi.─Ulcers, with tearing shootings (gnawing pains), or itching smarting.─Jerking and tearing round ulcers, esp. morning and evening.─Wens and encysted tumours burst after Staph. 200 (R. T. C.).

Sleep.─Strong tendency to sleep all day.─Violent yawnings and stretchings, which cause tears to come into the eyes.─Sleep retarded by mental activity (crowding of ideas); or in consequence of an itching and burning sensation in the tetters and ulcers, or of violent pains in calves.─Sleepy all day; awake all night; body aches all over.─Jerking of limbs, when sleeping.─Disturbed sleep, with unquiet dreams, and frequent waking with a start.─Child wakes, pushes everything away and wants everybody to go away; restless at night as from frightful dreams; calls for mother often.─Lascivious dreams, with emissions.

Fever.─Pulse very fast but small and trembling.─Frequent shivering and shuddering, also at night.─Fever in evening, manifesting itself only by chilliness.─Chilliness and coldness predominate.─Violent chill in evening with heat in face.─Chilliness 3 p.m.; > when exercising in open air.─Chill ascending from back over head.─Chill running down back.─Before and after the paroxysms of intermittent fever, ravenous hunger.─Tertian fever (with symptoms of scurvy, such as putrid taste), bitter taste, bleeding gums, anorexia, and constipation.─External burning heat, with ebullition of blood, and thirst (after midnight, followed by chill towards morning).─Burning heat in hands and feet, at night, which renders it needful to uncover them.─Great tendency to perspire by day, even when seated quietly; or else inability to perspire, with paleness of face and headache.─Profuse perspiration at night, sometimes with putrid smell (like rotten eggs).─Cold sweat on forehead and feet.

Reference: The Dictionay of Practical Materia Medica. J. H. Clarke




  1. Joelene Simpson
    Many remedy can be curative for eczema if the whole remedy fits
    Look for good generals / modalities and a mental as well as a skin indication

  2. Staph has been tremendous for both men and women. When repressed anger comes about through powerlessness …a feeling of being thwarted. Think… Being mistreated in the workplace and not being able to speak up. When the pathology is there it’s very good for urinary problems …hence
    being pissed off! I have used it post operations along side carefully spaced arnica for clean cut incisions and post surgery. I have seen that care is needed regarding patients personal story, as a lot of anger can be built up.

  3. eczema is genetic,there are triggers including anger,food intolerance that can set it of.


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