The natural pathogenesis which staphyloccinum brings with it is however incomparably greater and more valuable nosode. In morbid states and conditions, the staphylococcus is the prevalent bacterial factor and where it does not figure as the prime disturber of the peace.

Its omnipresence as a saprophyte and its easy metamorphosis into a virulent parasite, leads to many a symbiosis where imbalance shows at the body economy.

So we can use it in morbid conditions, then, where the staphylococcus pyogenes aureus or albus or citreus is notaably symbiotic or is the direct and chief bacterial factor. Acne, abscess, furuncle, impetigo contagious,
parotiditis, mastitis, phlegmon, carbuncle, mastoiditis, empyema, ecthyma, cellulitis, pyelonephritis, phlebitis, lymbphadenitis, penphigus, sycosis, conjunctivitis, dactrocystitits, osteomyelitis, septicemia, phemia, some renal conditions, gelatinous odema, endocarditis, valvulitis, aortitis staphylococcinum is for acute as well as chronic problems. Onset is generally
insidious. It acts best when the ailments come during the rainy season and continue up to late autumn.
Past history of staphylococcal infection with pus formation. (never been well since) succession of abscesses, boils, pimples, of staphy. origin or in other
words, when staphy. albus, aureus or pyogenes can be traced. Also in dysentery with discharge of blood and pus.
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  1. Helpful information about staphylo. Kindly share about it’s mentals if you have come across . Thanks

  2. Used staphylococcinum 200 in treatment of pus filled carbuncle along with Tarentula Cubensis 30, and succeeded!

  3. I have seen this cure several staph infections over the years. . . always keep it on hand!

  4. Yes it is a bacteria.
    Acid Sulf 200 also works for affections by Staphylococcus and Streptococcus.

  5. Staphylococcinum is a rare known remedy, and is a nosode wherein the staphylococcus virus causes skin carbuncles and infections. I’ve personally used it alongwith Tarentula Cubensis for treatment of carbuncles and boils, and had promising results. Use it in 200th potency.


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