LEDUM is superior to ARNICA or RHUS TOX for sprained ankle. It is almost a specific.
Dr. Benjamin Goldberg, M.D

  • Shivam Rastogi

    Any medicine for hair fall Nd whiting

  • dear sirs, I am a pharmacist and work with homeopathy. A medical doctor from my city, São Paulo, Brazil, doesn’t agree about Ledum for sprained ankle. And the asked who is dr. Benjamin Goldenberg. Would you please help me with his information. Best wishes, Amarilys de Toledo Cesar

  • Nasiema Cassiem

    Rhus tox nd arnica was always my go to….thanks for this…

  • Qaisar Mahmood

    Thank you.but i ask you .nerve root pain and neck pain madicine prescribe karain

  • Constance McQuoid

    Black eye and puncture wounds