(Mother) “She is such a bright, restless, mischievous soul, but also very unstable; her moods change as quickly as she changes her mind. If she doesn’t get 100% of the attention, she just withdraws; won’t speak at all.”




  1. Can’t get with this picture of a little girl with all this makeup on to promote a product. To little.

  2. Trees to climb, fresh air and dirt, and time left alone to play on them. U0001f305U0001f603U0001f64f

  3. I agree! Look what happened to Jon Benet! When you read the conspiracy theories about the case, more than a homoeopathic remedy needed here.

  4. The child might not be happy with the way her mother is keeping her- all made up, having to pose in front of camera also maybe. So she might be frustrated also. Suppressed emotions. The mother does look very ambitious for her child

  5. There are some indications like moodiness and wants to have an attention towards the life events that reminded me a jelous feelings on the case. It may not be accourate because we don’t know the most symptoms from the individual as a whole being itself to come up with a remedy accourately. Thanks for your response and trying to find the right remedy which I realy want to know and appreciate the result. The best regards.

  6. Shame of the mother, look at this child , make-up, nails, hair!! Treat the mother, so this girl can be child!!!

  7. I really object to the diet plan being posted here. Who is the moderator on this forum? Are you happy about this flagrant advertising here?

  8. Just a knee-jerk reaction to the “moods change…quickly”. Does not make sense.

  9. Stop enrolling her in pagents and let her be a little girl! No more stress, mo more being the focus of attention, should make a difference.

  10. Frankly there is not enough information to spot a constitutional remedy. I would need much more than this little bit. and everyone saying Pulsatilla. Give some reasons why. Though there really is not enough to go on here, to make an educated guess.

  11. most indicated is Ignatia and may be tarentula as the tarentula is also very unstable and restless

  12. Tub and ignatia sound good. Or natrum phos. Please post correct answer later i love homoeopathy.

  13. Although pulsatilla is changeable, i don’t think she would withdraw from not being given enough attention. Most likely she would have a full blown meltdown. I would love to know the right answer but my wild guess will be Ignatia.


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