SPONGIA TOSTA, maritima sponge (roasted)


Roasted sponge, Burt W.H. Characteristic Materia Medica
Acts through the great vegetative system, affects the larynx,
trachea, thyroid gland, ovaries and testicles.
Cough dry and sibilant, sounding like a saw driven through
a pine board, each cough corresponding to a thrust of the saw.
Chronic hoarseness and cough, the voice frequently giving out
when talking or singing.
Great dryness of larynx with hoarse, hollow, wheezing cough.
Goitre in persons who live in villages, probably no remedy is
of more value in goitre, unless it is Iodine.
Agg. 1. exposure to dry cold wind (cough) 2. talking, reading
lying with head low(cough), 3. awakening out of sleep (cough)
This remedy suited for ailments of left testicle, there is some
inflammation but the sack appears big, with pain if pressed
and the pain increases if the testicle is suspended comforted
by sitting down, aggravated if stands or walks for long time.
Spongia is useful in hypertrophy, angina pectoris, exophtalmic
goitre and aneurysm, and suited to individuals with light hair,
fair complexion and lax fiber, the opposite of its congenerer
Iodine. Spasmodic constrictive pains i whole chest, fullness and
obstruction. Cannot lie with head low without bringing on a
fit of suffocation. Ebullition of blood in the chest, after the
slightest effort and the least movement, anguish, nausea,
weakness which induces syncope. pulse hard and quick.
Pains and anxiety in the region of the heart, violent palpitation
with pain, gasping, respiration suddenly awakened after
Camphora antidotes spongia, compatible with Acon, Bell,
brom, BRY, Calc, carb-v, HEP, ign, Merc, Nux-v, PHOS, PULS,
rhust, sep, sulph.
Spongia Singh S, Hering’s Model cures, says in (106) In
rheumatic endocarditis, valvular insufficiency, attacks of
severe oppression and pain in the region of the heart, all
the symptoms agg. by lying with the head low.
awakens 1-2 am with a sense of suffocation, acompanied by
a loud cough, great alarm, terror,, agitation, anxiety,
and difficult respiration. Hahnemann wrote, “Its most remarkable therapeutic virtue is to cure CROUP. ┬áAmong other symptoms, it is indicated in this disease by difficulty in breathing, as though a plug had lodged in the throat, and as though the larynx were so constricted that breath cannot pass through it ” ┬áAlso in night coughs of children if they are asthmatic.

for ILH Beatriz Hernández HIll, Beatriz H Hill




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