How to Soothe Tired Feet after a Long Walk

Soothe tired feet

Whether your work requires you to walk a lot, you have been hiking the entire day or are one of the many golfers that prefer to walk the course your feet will always suffer the most. While walking comes with a myriad of benefits to your health, the pressure and abuse that your feet have to encounter will leave them achy and sore.

Tired feet should never stop you from walking because the benefits that you get make it worth it. But you should also not have to live with the pain because there are some simple ways of soothing tired feet after a long walk. And here are seven of the most helpful ones.


#1 Stretch for a Few Minutes

Once you get home after your long walk, the thought on your mind is to remove your shoes and rest on the couch the longest possible. While this might offer some relief, the right idea is to remove the shoes and stretch your feet for a few minutes. Doing some simple stretches can be very helpful as it encourages blood to flow well throughout the feet and also reduces inflammation which is very soothing for your tired feet.

#2 Epsom Salt Bath

When it comes to dealing with sore and achy feet, nothing beast Epsom salt soak. In fact, it is one of those home remedies that most experts will recommend for dealing with everything from heel pain and plantar fasciitis to heel spurs. And so you can be sure that it is an excellent way to soothe your tired feet. It is also a simple remedy because all you need to do is add the salt to a bowl of warm water and then soak your tired feet for a few minutes. If you combine this with a few minutes of foot massage your achy feet will feel amazing.

#3 Ice or Heat

Both ice and heat are useful ways of soothing tired feet and why you choose is all about personal preferences. But, some people will use both remedies for maximum benefits. Applying an ice pack for about 15 minutes on your tired and swollen feet will numb the pain and reduce the swelling which leaves the tired feet feeling way much better than before. If you prefer to sooth the feet with some heat or do not have an ice pack, you should prepare a foot bath with some warm water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oils.

#4 Change Your Shoes

Changing your shoes into something more comfortable can also be an excellent way to soothe your feet. It is important to know that wearing ill-fitting footwear all day long is one of the reasons why you can end up with tired feet after a long walk. And so changing into some comfortable and breathable sandals can soothe the feet and provide the much-needed relief. However, also make sure that you choose the best sandals for tired feet when shopping because some pairs can be too hard on your feet or bulky and will not be very soothing.

#5 Foot Massage

After walking with a golf push cart for 18 rounds of golf or trekking for a few kilometers on nature walks your feet will just be calling out for a deep massage. The soreness and tiredness that comes from walking is enough reason to schedule a massage session. But even if you do not have the time for the professional service it is still possible to get a soothing foot massage at home. You can do it yourself or ask someone to do it, and all you will need is some massage or essential oil. Just warm the oil and use it to rub and press your tired feet with your thumbs. Doing this relaxes the muscles and encourages blood flow which is always very soothing for tired feet.

#6 Elevate the Feet

After soaking and massaging your feet, the other vital thing that you need to do is to keep your legs elevated. The consistent pressure that pushes down on your feet as you walk for long causes an uncomfortable pounding feeling. Raising the feet once you get home can be helpful as it negates gravity and helps lymph fluid and blood to move back to circulation from the lower part of the feet. And this not only soothes the feet but also leaves them feeling less painful and sore.

#7 Rest

Resting the feet after a long day sounds obvious, but after using one or more of the above remedies, many people will overlook the importance of resting the feet. But, it is important to keep weight off your feet after walking for long because it gives them some time off. Remember that they always have to carry your entire body weight throughout the day and when walking for long the pressure increases significantly. Hence one of the best ways to soothe tired feet is just to rest them for a while. Also, avoid wearing footwear during this rest period to ensure that you do not subject the feet to any pressure at all.


Whether you like hiking, are a golfer that prefers to walk or your exercise routine involves a lot of walking the chances are that you will end up with tired feet. But, you should never let the tired and achy feet stop you from doing the things you love because you can soothe them in the seven easy ways above. But, also take preventative measures such as wearing proper shoes and avoid walking for long continuous periods and instead take brakes to rest your feet.