Clinical Remarks


Sensation of fatigue ; constant drowsiness, with hurried respiration. Nightly delirium, sleeplessness, with anxiety and restlessness occasioned by pain. Anxious and vexatious dreams, with oppression of breathing. Restlessness and talking during sleep, starting as with affright. At night alternately cold and hot, with partial sweats ; dryness of the mouth. Wakes in the morning with dizziness and languor, retaining a vivid recollection of his dreams.

Reference: Hull’s Jahr: A new manual of homoeopathic practice

  • That would depend. A consultation will be necessary

  • That would depend. A consultation will be necessary

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    What dilution is the best??

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    What would be the posologie????

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    What should be the potency and dosage ?

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    I love homeopathic medicine

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    Best for tension.