Sleep Apnea

This is my protocol for Sleep Apnoea that I have found to be effective in almost all cases in my experience.

Extreme Apnoea:-Latrodectus mactans 30 in morning, when better, it is to be stopped + Aspidosperma Q, 10drops in warm water around 11am & 4pm.

Wretched feeling on awaking & lie like a corpse: CANTHARIS 30, for this symptom, I give 3 times daily till better.

Wretched feeling on awaking; cannot sleep after 3am until morning, better after a short nap, unless aroused:- Here, NUX VOM 30 is the remedy. It acts better when given at night.

Aspidosperma Q is a must along other medicines till complete cure.

“WRETCHED FEELING” in the morning ? Definitely, it must be because of unrefreshed sleep also by simple logic, isn’t it so? It may be also due to sleep apnoea also.

Aspidosperma:-Called as “Digitalis of Lungs”.Removes temporary obstruction to the Oxidation of the blood by stimulating “RESPIRATORY CENTRES”, increasing Oxidation & excretion of Carbonic Acid.
Good for “PULMONARY ARTERY” also. So, it must be good to increase The Vital Force itself by Increasing the Oxygen intake naturally, right? So, it also acts as tonic influence & so good for Sleep Apnoea also.




  1. If it’s a child with mild sleep apnea would this work for him??? Bc the doctors want to put him on medication instead of curing it and I would very much prefer to not give my 7 year old son medication!!!

  2. This has really helped me.  Especially the Quebracho Aspidosperma has made a huge difference in my general ability to breathe.  Thank you so much for posting it!!

  3. Doctor said to me: Oxygen mask. I – refused. One year later did the check up. Slept like an angel. Doctor couldn’t believe it. It was due to trauma, Nat-m 200c and later Nat-m 1M. Till today I’m sleeping without any interruptions.

  4. Interesting! I’m much worse at the minute, I’ve had bronchitis for the last 5wks…what’s a night’s sleep? Lol U0001f4a4

  5. My dad wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his breathing machine. It has to do with his throat, not his lungs.


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