SINUSITIS: in my experience, SEPIA is a treasure in Sinusitis, and also STICTA in the dry ones.
Dr. E. W. Hubbard

  • Anas Noor

    Whenever you start symptoms of tonsillitis and throat pain, you may take a combination of Belladonna 200 and Merc Sol 200.

  • Anas Noor

    Alternatively you can take one dose per day of Sambuccus Canadensis 200.

  • Amy Spaulding

    Anju Khare have you received any relief from your symptoms yet?

  • Satyenjoy Sinha


  • Joan Warbrick

    Polly Harper for Lorna

  • Mehak Naz

    Limna minor nd kali bi nd kali mur nd hepr sulf

  • Sir so nice of you, for your noble guidance

  • Anas Noor

    Hepar Sulfuris will help ease the maxillary sinusitis, along with Sinapis Nigra. Both in thirtieth dilution.
    When you catch cold, use Sabadilla 30.

  • Anju Khare

    When suffering from left sinus,pain in left cheek and ear ,v prone to slight cold ,introvert ,constipation ,in that case what should be given

  • Muthu Krishnan

    In leucoderma any specific remedy other than asf,asr.

  • Agatha Anthea

    I have this ..

  • Sambhu Nath Paul

    Thank you Sir,

  • Dézsán Szilvia

    and Gelsemium, Pulsatilla, Allium Cepa…?

  • Anas Noor

    There are a number of remedies which work wonders in sinusitis.
    Teucrium Marum Verum and Lemna Minor for nasal polyps.
    Sticta Pulmonaria
    Hepar Sulfuris
    Sambucus Canadensis
    Sinapis Nigra
    Sanguinaria Nitricum
    The exact remedy depends upon complete symptoms of patient.
    I’ve treated a maxillary sinusitis patient using Belladonna, Hepar sulfuris and Spigelia.

  • Biswajit Sengupta

    I prefer Kali Bich.

  • Farhat Ghazala

    Thuja, sinapus nig, kali bich, teucrium

  • Dr subash

    Yes,it work beautifully especially , left side and discharge yellow

  • Geeta Dash

    Sir plse gastritis

  • Max Wilks

    I take. Note of that as there are others as you are aware the outstanding rubric that I like in sepia is its ability to alleviate the affects of chemotherapy which I. Have seen many times and of course. It’s ability to help hormonal balance in menopausal women cheers

  • Ejaz Ahmad

    Teucrium, lemna minor, kali bichrom

  • Ranjan Belsare

    I think the post says clinical tip to be used when we are not getting very clear cut totality or there may be some or other difficulties to trace the picture…….and the author had shared only his clinical experience…..other wise any INDICATED medicine capable of curing any individual.

  • Rajendra Raniwala

    आप का क्या हिन्दी में पडने को नहीं मिल सकता है क्या अगर मिलता है तो हम को उसके लिए क्या करना होगा कृपया मुझे बताने का कष्ट करेंगे

  • Nirmal Tanwar

    Kali bich, pulsatilla, bell, aurum met, cinabaris, silicia atc if symptoms agree every medicine gives good result.

  • Tasneem Parker

    Kali iod works excellent for my daughter sinus

  • Mohammad Naeem

    If symptoms agree every medicine gives excellent result

  • Milena Lazic

    Dannii Mihajlovic

  • Alberto Lema Carpio

    I m not agree, Sep., is not the unique, there are many others