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  1. I have a question. I have undergone a surgery in which doctor ligated vein(s). If I take silicea will it affect those ligated veins (remove ligation) as it might be ligated with the help of some foreign substance” because silicea throws out foreign substance? I will appreciate if somebody clarify this to me.

  2. It comes to my mind that Silicea expells from the body whatever is strange to it.

  3. For years my son (then 10) was fascinated by the pictures in a particular series of children’s comic books. He had always struggled to master the basics of reading and was doing some private tutoring at the time as well.  Comic pictures were his only books making the story from the images. I gave Silicea 6c at bed time for something else but the next morning he woke and amazed himself (myself included and his tutor later that week) by being able to read. “I am really enjoying this book, it is much more funny with the words and not the story I thought it was”.  Thank-you silicea.

  4. Studios… fastidious, chilly, yielding, conscientious, chronic suppurative conditions, aversion mothers milk.

  5. Silicea constitutionally shy timid personality….highly refined ,lack of stamina but obstinate and sophisticated like a princess….afraid of failure ….tendency to throw out foreign like a princess she is image conscious as she has been grown up as princess ..always she has its responsibility to maintain her image … afraid of failure as any failure will spoil her image …wants support as she is a lack of stamina

  6. Patient appears demineralized with nails that are yellow and/or have white spots.psychological picture of needing constant affirmation, would rather work alone than in a group, fear/obsession with pins

  7. As it acts like a surgeon’knife…take some precaution where not to give….Partly treated koch’s pt…


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