Side effects after an Operations


CAUSTICUM is the routine remedy for retention of urine after operation.
Dr. D. M. Foubister

  • Farhat Ghazala

    Rt frozen shoulder pain, kalmia,sang can

  • Denis Souillart

    faiblesse de la vessie .. tendons… paresie paralysie faciale…

  • Nasiema Cassiem

    Great for stressed neck pain too…

  • Shaukat Ali Shah

    کھانے کے بعد سینے میں شدید
    جگر کے مقام پر درد ،کھچاو
    پلیز کوئی میڈیسن ایڈوائس کر دیں

  • Vinay Kumar Shrivsstawa

    Pl suggest a remedy for frozen soldier of right. Soldier

  • Madhavi Krishna

    I had experience with this medicine ,it is also good for removing warts and bed wetting during first part of sleeping.