Set Good Examples for Your Kids in Your Daily Life

Good example kids

A part of good parenting is being able to provide for your kids. This means more than just providing monetary means of support. Kids need to know that they are loved and cherished. They also need to have their basic necessities met. This requires that you have some means to support your family.


Set and Stick to a Budget

Money is tight in many households. It can sometimes be difficult to make ends meet. You may find yourself having to work multiple jobs just to eke out a living. This doesn’t leave a lot of time to spend with your children. You are most likely feeling tired and worn down all of the time. Consider going back to school in order to get an education. Having an education could allow you to get a higher paying job. Then you would be able to provide for your family and still spend time with them. You would be setting an example for your kids to continue with their education to better their own lives.


Live Clean and Vice-Free

Another part of setting a good example for your kids is to participate in clean living. This means that you are actively working towards controlling your addictions. Drug and alcohol use in the household can make your home unstable. Your kids may be afraid of you when you’re using drugs. This creates an environment in which your kids feel unsafe. If things get really bad, you may lose your kids. Ask for help and look into alcohol detox in order to get sober. You can be a much better parent this way.


Get the Whole Family Involved in Saving

You may just need to set aside some money in order to make a necessary purchase. This may include saving up to buy a safer car for your family. You may find yourself having to come up with creative ways in order to achieve your goal. The best way to do this is to start a savings account. Commit to saving a certain amount of money each month and adjust your budget accordingly. Consider purchasing generic grocery items or negotiating with your service providers to get a lower rate. You can then set this money aside without impacting the rest of your budget.


Some states allow you to establish a college fund for your kids. You may even be able to deduct this amount from your taxes. This is a good way to pay for continuing education for your children. College is expensive. The cost alone may prevent your kids from wanting to attend. Having a fund can make their dreams of going to college possible. Then they won’t have to worry about graduating from college with massive amounts of debt weighing them down.


Open a savings account to pay for all the necessities that your kids need. This includes new clothes, books, and other supplies that you deem necessary. It can also provide you with a buffer in case of an emergency. Then you will be able to continue to provide for your family. Having kids is expensive. There are so many things that they seem to need. Even when you pinch every penny, money can be tight.


Being a parent is a never ending challenge. There are so many obstacles that need to be overcome. Having financial security can allow you to focus on being there for your children. Not having to worry about money lets you be the best parent that you can be for your children. Then you can focus on teaching them how to become successful individuals.