SEPIA is to be given in the evening because if given in the morning, it may produce a sufficient aggravation to leave the patient feeling quite useless for the day.
Dr. R. A. F. Jack

  • Darshan Kauldhar

    The more I read MM, the more I am convinced – Graph in the mor dose(empty stomach) and Lyco at bed time (both 1M) will prevent
    Cancer; taken early in life in a family wherein member die of Cancer! Note – consult

  • Debbie Court

    I can’t find the pages again.

  • Ejaz Ahmad

    Not so frequent repitition

  • Neelofer Habib


  • Rebecca June Ashmore

    Thank you Neelofer, he slept well after your kiss.

  • An Be

    Anyone know what can help increase flexibility? In muscles but more so in tendons? No inflammation, other symptoms are very dry mouth and eyes. Tx U0001f60a

  • Sharon Trammell Martens

    I didn’t realize this. Good to know.

  • Sofia Patrikiou

    Of course not always for women But I think that husbands and wives take the remedies each other some time after long year living together so my husband took pulsatilla

  • Barbara Camelford

    Myhusband was given it many years ago by my homeopath as I couldn’t treat him (too close). It almost totally cleared his vittiligo with one tablet. So not always just for women.

  • Vittoria Truly Azzurra

    Oh no! Always in the early morning …

  • Neelofer Habib

    Bless u
    A kiss for the babyU0001f60a

  • Neelofer Habib

    Thank you Rebecca!
    What if the pigmentation is blackish?
    Given to men as well?

  • Rebecca June Ashmore

    It is one if the remedies most indicated and used for hyper-pigmentation like melasma, when the pigmentation is brown. The oestrogenic effect of the remedy addresses the hormonal basis of hyper-pigmentation. Can you tell I had such a case in student clinic? Slow results with skin but a beautiful response in her person, feeling womanly and curvaceous for the first time ever and emotionally more balanced.

  • Manos Das

    Is basically use for women

  • Neelofer Habib

    Is sepia also given for pigmentation?

  • Nansee Ananda

    Wish I knew that years ago!!!!! But, either way, it saved my left ovary from being yanked out… Very grateful for this remedy!

  • Claudine Tsintzira

    L encre noire de la vie

  • Robin Faith

    Hmmm… I take a dose of LM Sepia each morning. Maybe I’ll switch although I don’t notice it being an issue. Then again it IS an LM potency which tend to produce less aggravation.