sepia child


Borland D.M. Children’s Types Group II- Delayed development.
Sepia, with sallow greasy skin, is a drug which is far too much
neglected in the treatment of children.
The outstanding feature of SEPIA CHILDREN is their NEGATIVE
attitude to everything. They tend to be depressed, moody,
indolent, disinclined for work, and not even interested in their
play. If pushed they are liable to sulk or weep.
They are usually nervy children, scared of being alone, very
often afraid of the dark, and yet they dislike being handled.
Very often they have a definite dislike of going to parties,
and there is a point which is sometime confused with Baryta
carb. a dislike of people altogether, but mostly it is pure
indolence in the sepia children and once they get to a
party they are perfectly happy.
The next point of Sepia children, even do are lazy and
indolent are definitely greedy when they get to the party
and start dancing they wake up at once and are perfectly
happy, and it is astonishing the effect of dancing in Sepia
children, the dullest child when dancing at a party will
become an entirely different being. they suddenly come alive.
Sepia children are always constipated, and associated with
this is usually a tendency to ENURESIS, taking place early in
night and lifted about 10 pm. they remain dry the rest of
the night. They loose this control in their first sleep.
later in age in the sallow, dull greedy, locked-up child,
they develop fainting attacks induced by standing, or by
taking any fixed position in a close atmosphere. Standing
in school, standing in church, kneeling in church and they
are liable to faint.
All these children are sensitive to COLD like all sepias.
Children are particularly sensitive to weather changes, and
will develop a cold apparently without any contact with
Another useful tip is that they are UPSET BY MILK and
will become constipated by milk.
They tend to sweat profusely and are liable to develop very
itchy skins without much sign of an eruption without much
comfort from scratching.
Teste describes the type Sepia is suited for young people of
both sexes, pubescence and the critical period of life,
delicate constitutions with pure white skins, or skin having
a rosy tinge blonde or red hair, nervous or lymphatico-nervous temperaments, exceedingly excitable and anxious for
emotions, and disposed to sexual excitement or exhausted
by sexual excesses,
The present use of Sepia in medicine is due to Hahnemann.
Clarke A.G. Decachords
Hering describes Children who take cold readily when
the weather changes, scrofulous children.
for ILH Beatriz Hernández Hill, Beatriz H Hill.




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