Sensitive child


If you have a child with a highly developed nervous system a highly strung, sensitive, bright, precocious child, who is doing very well at school and who is being pushed be it a boy or a girl and the nervous system is getting overtaxed, you are liable to get IGNATIA indications.
Dr. D. M. Borland




  1. Khalid Ali : Teucrium marum veerum 200 2 doses a day 3 days . Each dose 5 pills in half glass of water. Mix and sip sip drink. Hepsulph200 for 2 days. 5 days gap. Tubercul.bov 200 2 days. Actually you should go to a homoeo doc. This , if u r desperate.

  2. Could you please share the Clinical Tips for Adenotonsiller Hypertrophy? Thank you.

  3. This simtom have many midicine, silicea, Calc phos, Anacardium, tuderculin, Acid pic, but which medicine when match patient simtom then u can apply those medicie


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