Sensitive child


If you have a child with a highly developed nervous system a highly strung, sensitive, bright, precocious child, who is doing very well at school and who is being pushed be it a boy or a girl and the nervous system is getting overtaxed, you are liable to get IGNATIA indications.
Dr. D. M. Borland

  • Bonnie Richardson

    Rescue remedy (Bach flowers) works really well for this.

  • Rachel Salter


  • Jamie Streett


  • Purshotam Behl

    Hepar sulph 200 a dose per week

  • Phani Sundar

    Khalid Ali : Teucrium marum veerum 200 2 doses a day 3 days . Each dose 5 pills in half glass of water. Mix and sip sip drink. Hepsulph200 for 2 days. 5 days gap. Tubercul.bov 200 2 days. Actually you should go to a homoeo doc. This , if u r desperate.

  • Prashant Pokharel

    Could you please share the Clinical Tips for Adenotonsiller Hypertrophy? Thank you.

  • Khalid Ali

    sir, what medicien for nasal polyps

  • Habib Md Habib Khan

    This simtom have many midicine, silicea, Calc phos, Anacardium, tuderculin, Acid pic, but which medicine when match patient simtom then u can apply those medicie

  • Liz Valdez

    Calc phos

  • Ashok Kumar Rath

    Calc flour