RHUS TOX rarely fails in chronic cases of SCIATICA.
Dr. Ruddock

  • Rizwan Ahmed

    I am suffering with from cervical spondylosis is this med help me

  • Lisa Anderson

    Martina O’sullivan

  • Pat Siemer

    Works wonderfully for me.

  • Purshotam Behl

    Rhus Tox 200 or 1M for left and colocynthis 1M for Rh.side

  • Neelu Bansal

    Give me sm medicinal tips on sciatica mr.dhaliwal

  • Nirmal Tanwar

    Kali iod, gnaphylium , colocynthis, causticum, staphysagria meg phose.

  • Jackie-Ben Bahun

    Hypericum helps me! What is the definition of “chronic” in this case?

  • Mir Rabiuzzaman

    colocynth is good for left side

  • Theresia Henriksson


  • Subrata Das

    If its symptoms permits. Otherwise Bryonia Alb is the best choice and in some cases Causticum and Lacasis.

  • Ejaz Ahmad

    Gnaphylium alongwith Rhus tox

  • Sumanta Biswas

    Medorhinum-1M ((1-2 doses…))
    Anti Tsoric – +
    Anti Psychotic – ++
    Anti Cifilitic – +
    Anti Tubarcular – 0
    Results within 10-60 days…