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Short, acute, painful cough, with soreness in the lungs and no expectoration. Tickling cough, caused by irritation of the bronchial tubes. Hard and dry cough, with soreness of chest, alternate with Kali mur. or Natrum mur. For all the inflammatory symptoms accompanying a cough, Ferrum phos. is the remedy.

  • Tania Cummings

    Thanks Amrit Lynne Hogg have terrible cough this week

  • Olivia Rosema

    Yes Pat Hardy New Era made soft tissue salts.

  • Hannah Jones

    Mom! Cathy Simon Baumgardner

  • Olivia Rosema

    I use this remedy often. Love Ferr Phos.

  • Tasneem Parker

    Great for fevers , oxadates blood

  • Farhat Ghazala

    Ferr phos used in epistaxis.

  • Pat Hardy

    Did these used to be made by New Era?