Prepared from the long fibrous roots of several species
of the genus smilax indigenous to central america.
Antidotes Camphora, Merc, Lyc, Nux Vomica
has three special centers of action I. Lymphatics, alterntive,
II. Skin, tettery eruptions, yellow-brown color,
III. Kidneys, lithiasis, Urinary calculi
Sarsaparilla in renal and vesicular affections, there is retention
and also suppression of urine , great tenderness and distension
are felt over the region of the bladder.
it is attended by pain and cramps in the bladder with urging
and burning. There is severe strangury with discharge of
white, acrid, turbid matter. The urine is either too frequent,
copious and pale, or scanty, slimy and flaky, at the
conclusion of urination, severe, almost unbearable pain is felt.
there may be slight distress before and during micturition,
but after micturition, the patient cries through agony.
Similar symptoms in Berberis (blood in urine), Equisetum,
Cantharis, Lithium and Thuja.
In Cantharis, Clem, and Merc. the pain is felt more at the
commencement of urination.
Hahnemann used it as an antipsoric medicine
Dysuria, nocturnal enuresis, affection of bladder, cystitis,
wind from bladder, calculi, renal calculus, spermatorrhea,
swelling of spermatic cords, suppressed gonorrhea, menstrual disorders, dysmenorrea and pain in breast, leucorrhea,
climacteric disorders, scirrhus of breast, inflammation of knees,
eczema of legs, syphilis.
Hahnemann describes a dejected person, lachrymose, and
very ill humored, in the forenoon, the soul is extraordinarily
affected by the pains, the spirit is oppressed, the mind troubled,
he feels unhappy and groans involuntarily, sad and dejected,
engrossed in himself, great anxiety, first in the head, then in the
body with trembling chiefly in the feet, inactive, languid,
indisposed to work, sullen and hot in the face, taciturn peevishness, disgusted with everything, she has no pleasure,
in anything, only in the forenoon.
very much vexed and cannot forget vexatious matters.
readily insulted by a word, absent minded
but more bright and cheerful than at other times,very
changeable mood, every two or three days, very good-
humored and merry and joking all day long
that is how Hahnemann describes the individual.
Use it in paralytic pains of elbows and joints. Drawing tearing in the fourth finger of the right hand through the bones, increased by moving the joints.  Intermittent pressive shooting pain on the metacarpal bones of the right index finger, when pressing the finger tips they are painful as if gathering, or as when salts gets into a wound.  Pressive shooting pain on the right ischium., pressive tearing pain on the thigh near the knee-joint upwards and outwards.for ILH Beatriz Hernández Hill, Beatriz H Hill




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