“Yes, of course, people say my discovery of homeopathy can be shown to rest
on certain hints and ideas scattered throughout the past in such places as Hippocrates, Paracelsus and Arabian medicine. But let me assure you that is not how it was discovered. No matter how many ideas I absorbed in the Library at Sibiu, the fact is that I knew nothing about homeopathy for another twenty years. In truth, it emerged of its own accord through detailed research and experiments. There really was no hidden plan which I had followed all my life. At every stage I had no idea where my studies were leading me. Even after the provings in the 1790s, I still had no a priori idea of where my studies were taking me. It is therefore completely untrue that I carried inside me the germs or seeds of homeopathy from my youth and that they simply got confirmed and that they were somehow mysteriously aggregated together in my thinking from a very early stage. That is simply untrue quasi-teleological nonsense. This applies as much to the method of potentisation, and the Law of Similars as it does to the proving and olfaction. They were all discovered and confirmed separately through empirical work. People will believe what they like, but that is all there is to it.”




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