Samuel Cockburn

Dr. Samuel Cockburn

Dr. Samuel Cockburn was born on March 17th 1823 in Duns, Scotland. He was born int a family of shoemakers. During his early years he worked in an apothecary which kindled his knowledge for medicine. He completed his MD degree from the UNiversity of St. Andrews and received his Licentiae from the Royal College of Surgeons.
Dr. Cokburn was won over by the principles of Homeopathy and in the mid 19th Century he was one of the most outspoken advocates and defenders of Homeopathy.

For the first 14 years Dr. Cockburn spent his time at the Dundee Homeopathic Dispensary. He has written many books. The first book was “MEDICAL REFORM” which was published and distributed in England and the United states. His other books/ publications are

  • Homeopathy, a System of Medicine founded on Facts, not on Speculation, 1850.
  • Medical Reform: Being an Examination into the Nature of the Prevailing System of Medicine; and an Exposition of its Chief Evils; with Allopathic Revelations.
  • A Remedy for the Evil, (Henry Turner, Manchester, 1856; R. Theobald, London, 1857; Demacher & Sheek, Philadelphia, 1857; William Radde, New York, 1857; University of Michigan Library, 2005, ISBN 1-4255-1502-9)).
  • An Exposition of Homeopathic Law; with a Refutation of some of the Chief Objections advanced against Homeopathy: being a Lecture delivered in Glasgow under the auspices of the Glasgow Homeopathic Association, (James Cochrane, Glasgow, 1860).
  • “Is the Doctrine of Infinitessimals Consistent with Reason and Experience?”, Annals and Transactions of the British Homeopathic Society, and of the London Homeopathic Hospital, vol. IV, pp. 1–29, 1864.
  • Fragmentary thoughts on the life and death forces, (Dunn and White, Glasgow, 1864).
  • The Laws of Nature and the Laws of God: a reply to Prof. Drummond, (Swan Sonnenschein, Le Bas & Lowry, London, 1886).
  • Thoughts in Verse: On Natural, Historical and Spiritual Subjects, (Aird & Coghill, Glasgow, 1909).

His writings were strongly worded and critisised the medical practices of that time. His works discredited the medical establishment by giving examples of contradictory treatments which he he called ALLOPATHY, a derogatory term used by homeopaths!






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