Sabadilla first appears in homeopathic literature as one of Stapf’s additions, Hahnemann being one of the provers. Stapf’s additions forms a kind of appendix to the Materia Medica Pura. The plant, says Stapf, was first described by Monaides about the year 1572. At first it was almost exclusively used for destroying lice, and also worms in putrid ulcers and in the intestines. Stapf points out that the provings reveal remarkable febrile symptoms.

Sabadilla, he says, is “not only specific to a certain kind of very bad angina, and to a rare kind of pleurisy where no inflammatory fever nor thirst is present, where the patient complains of coldness mingled with isolated flushes of heat; but also to some forms of fever and ague, where the chilliness sets in with nausea and inclination to vomit, recurs frequently, and sometimes alternates with flushes of heat; where the heat is more perceptible in the face and on the hands than on the rest of the body, with absence of thirst both in the chilly and hot stage.”

The same authority says that Sabadilla has a long period of action; the primary symptoms develop in the first five days, then recur after the lapse of some time. Symptoms are periodical and paroxysmal.

The periodicity of Saba. may be as clock-like as that of Cedron, and renders it a leading remedy in intermittent fevers and neuralgias. Sabadilla is a chilly remedy, the symptoms, especially the coryza, being generally Peculiar Sensations are:
As if things were turning around each other.
As if she would fall if she did not hold on to something.
As if eyes went round with the whirling sensation. Lips as if scalded. Tongue as if full of blisters.
As if uvula were down.
As if œsophagus would be closed.
As of a body in throat which he must swallow down.
As of a lump in throat. As if a morsel of food had lodged in throat.
As of a worm in œsophagus. As if a sore spot was pressed upon. As of a lump in abdomen.
As if a ball of thread were moving and turning rapidly through abdomen.
As if knives were cutting abdomen.
As if abdomen were shrunken; were empty. Croaking as of frogs in abdomen.
As of something alive in abdomen. As if stomach were gnawed. As of a thread or string in throat.
As if throat were tied with a string.
As if articulation were suspended.
As if tape prevented circulation in chest.
As if interior of bones were scraped out with a sharp knife.
As if hot breath came out of his mouth and nose. As if everything were in motion.
As if the air itself were in tremulous motion.
As if he had taken wine. Shaking as if in a severe chill.
As if something sharp in throat.
As if a soft body in throat must be constantly swallowed.




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