Rx for Mrs.T

acute rescue

Mrs. T.. always well except previous to her first confinement, when she suffered from neuralgia of the nipples. Miscarried four months ago and was treated by a ” regular ” with drastic purgatives, and had constant bearing-down pains in uterus and rectum, causing her to scream incessantly. Suffers constant violent thirst ; obstinate constipation ; drinking water causes return of uterine pain ; nausea, occasional vomiting ; extreme emaciation ; hair, formerly abundant, was now white, thin and dry ; her face bore the expression of great anguish ; perfectly helpless ; pulse 100 ; febrile excitement during paroxysms of pain at night and towards morning.


    The remedy is NUX VOMICA!

  • Anjum Hanif


  • Bie Haroon

    Tell me plz

  • Aamir Qureshi

    Sugar of pills 2 teaspoonl

  • Bhanu Prakash Varma

    1st Nux vomica…then will know actual symptoms….. Afterwards it may b aletris ferinosa or sabina or secale cor or kali carb….has 2 b identified.

  • Foha Khan

    Tell me plz

  • Rupa Vechalekar

    secale cor ?