ruta graveolans

The selective sphere of action are bone, periostium,
cartilage, rectum, eyes, with fear of death during heat.
For accidents which injures the periostium, making it very
sore and causing a bruised sensation like Arn.
For traumatic inflammation of the joints, even if these
problems occurred for a long time, affections of the wrist
or ankle. rheumatoid arthritis in carpal tunnel syndrome,
and sprain by which there is a lame sensation.
Is serviceable when the periostium or tarsal and carpal
joints are injured.
When the rectum protrudes from the anus after confident
prolapsus ani, which may come down every time the
bowels are moved. with singing stitches in the rectum
agg. when sitting. Tenesmus, frequent unsuccessful
urging to stool.
Affections in general of the left side of the head,
wrist joints, lumbar region, bones of the lower extremity.
Contractions of the flexors, so that hands stay in flexion.
Eye strain followed by headache, eyes red, not and
painful from sewing or reading fine print, disturbances of
accommodation, eyes burn, feel like balls of fire.
it is similar to Petroleum,
Pressure, heaviness and tension, Beating and pressive pain.
Remedies following, Calc, Caust, Lycop, Phosph, Pulsatilla,
Sepia, Sulphur,
Antidote: Camphora
Inclination to contradict and quarrel, dissatisfied with
himself and others, anxious and low spirited, with mental
ejection Melancholy disposition toward evening.
Vertigo in the morning when rising when sitting and when
walking in open air.
Causes abortion, followed by too frequent menses, with
corrosive Leucorrhea and sterility.
All her pains worse in wet, cold weather, aggravated by
the sightless touch
Phthisis after mechanical injuries to the chest. Key note. for Carcinoma of the lower bowel, abortion at 6th or 7th month, dissatisfied with herself. Pain in Achilles tendon, thirst for ice cold water. Amel lying on back.

for ILH  Beatriz H Hill




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