Homeopathy ruta

What comes to mind when you think of Ruta graveolans?

  • Fauzia Afzal

    useful for sprains,injuries of joints .good for ocular muscles

  • Rajasree Gopan

    For damaged Achilles tendonand eye strain

  • Ram Yadav

    useful in rheumatism of the knees, wrists, & large joint with great stiffness & lameness, symptom – worse : from cold , exertion, damp/ better from worm application / bath ,

  • Ejaz Ahmad

    Pain in small joints

  • Anas Noor

    Tendon disorders. However I used Conium Maculatum in dequervain’s tendonitis in a man, and achieved great improvements

  • Tisha Cowmeadow

    Anju Khare I feel it’s best to consult a classical homeopathic practitioner for healing and not just basing a remedy on one ailment.

  • Anju Khare

    Pl tell can it be taken when joints in finger pains

  • Kelley Joubert

    Remedy for eyestrain

  • Jeki Oza

    Good for fatigue of ocular muscle. For sprains&bones.Good for ganglion…Aching pain for tendo achilis

  • Tisha Cowmeadow

    Wrists/eyes/small joints/ U0001f64fU0001f3fd

  • Ram Yadav

    ruta grav. remedy for injuries to tendons & bone surface , useful for injury to wrists , knees, ankles, & chronic rheumatism or sprains

  • Judy Meldrum

    Lower back strain

  • Jai Shankar

    Gud remedy for eye vision..

  • Gajanan Ule

    Ruta high in ganglion.

  • Chevli Sunil

    Small joint’s pain.