When gastric and rheumatic symptoms alternate. KALI BICHROMICUM.
Dr. Farrington.

  • Subhaan Shahed

    Thanks for ur concern Ahmed Huang

  • Ahmed Huang

    GLYCERINUM 30C 10 drops night time and once in morning for a week should be fine.

  • Subhaan Shahed

    Will anybody plzz suggest homeo medicine name for diabetes coz my husband fbs is 212 & urine ++….plbs is 292 & urine is +++…plzz comment on subhaanmaliha@gmail.com

  • Vydyanath Subramaniam

    This is one site I have been in touch with almost since the time,i commenced my FB account, a versatile site that satiates the quest of learners and the veterans as well.

  • alka singhal

    homeopathy is always powerful.

  • Nitin Sangam

    For excessive hair loss