No short cuts

Ever since Dr. Guernsey called the attention of the profession to his system of Key-notes, it has been badly abused.

In making prescriptions in homeopathic practice, there is no short cut by which we can jump at once to the proper remedy in a given case. We only become sharp-shooters through hard study, and the more we thumb our materia medica, the greater will be our success and our glory.

If the Key-notes are looked upon by us in the light of guide-posts, pointing us to the group of remedies, among which we are to find, by close comparisons, the remedy in each particular case of illness, then are they indispensable, and become at once, if thus rightly used, of incalculable value.

But if, on the other hand, we attempt to base our prescriptions simply upon these Key-notes as such, we will most assuredly find them stumbling-blocks instead of helps. Let us be careful, therefore, that we do not misinterpret the true meaning and intent of this system.