Remedy Selection

Homeopathic Remedy Selection is not upon mere abstractions, new stand-points, and the like, but upon provings and clinical observations, i. e. upon facts of medicine according to Nature’s laws, and are gained by the rules of the art of observation ; and it is interesting to follow up the laws of Nature which reflect themselves in these facts.

Constantine Hering.
The remedies in which hunger is predominant, produce an increased salivary secretion,

and often a delicate taste (China, Coffea), while with a diminished saliva the

appetite is wanting.

  • Deepa V Bhagat

    So are the remedies china and coffee for Sjogrens to improve saliva. Low saliva causes flat taste. Association of taste and digestion is with saliva. Saliva has digestive enzymes so digestion gets slow if saliva is less.

  • Pragya Bharadwaj

    thnkx for me