Dewey W.A. Essential of Homeopathy writes
What are its mental symptoms?
Full of hallucinations and imaginings, imagines the
medicine is poison, that he is pursued by a devil or
an imaginary foe, from who

m he tries to escape, objects
look unnatural, the eyes are glassy, the patient talks
and mutters all the time, and jumps from one subject to
another, pupils are dilated and sleep disturbed,
patient is jealous and talkative.
Douglass ME, Pearls in Homeopathy writes that Hyos.
is adapted to persons of a sanguine temperament, who
are irritable, excitable, nervous, hysterical. diseases with
increased cerebral activity but of a NON-inflammatory type.
as in hysteria or delirium tremens
Convulsions of children from the irritation of intestinal
worms, of labor, or during the puerperal state.
In delirium hyoscyamus occupies a place midway between
belladonna and stramonium, lacks the constant cerebral
congestion of the former and the fierce rage and the
maniacal delirium of the latter.
Fears being left alone, poisoned, bitten, sold, to eat, to take
what is offered.
Bad effects of unfortunate love, with jealousy, rage,
incoherent speech, inclination to laugh at everything
followed by epilepsy.
lascivious mania
dry spasmodic nocturnal cough, worse lying down better
by sitting up.
Intense sleeplessness or irritable, excitable persons.
He strips himself naked, lies naked in bed
complete loss of consciousness
the stool passed involuntarily in bed
Farringtone E.A. Comparative Materia Medica
used it in gastric disorders when burning and inflammation
of stomach with vomiting of blood incoherent speech,
stupor, insensible to the state of his situation.
has a high place in pneumonia with cerebral symptoms
and a typhoid condition characteristic of the drug.
Indicated in paralysis of one or more muscles following
maniacal attacks. and peritonitis, epilepsy, hysteria, apoplexy
chorea etc.
For ILH Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática behhill




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