Gibson DM. Studies of Homeopathic Remedies
writes Chelidonium is the greater celandine, belonging
to the poppy family and contains alkaloids similar to
those found in the opium poppy. the juice externa

for warts.
its modalities worse from heat, open air, wind,
movement, change of weather, anger, being touched,
and at 4am and 4 pm
Gilchrist JG, the Homeopathic treatment says it
cures condition affecting the antrum of highmore,
lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys and the gastro intestinal
tract, along with cancer of the stomach and liver.
Chel. patient presents a picture of cachexia, great
debility and drowsiness with desire to lie down
Nausea irritations and cutting pains in stomach
relieved by drinking milk. desires milk but aversion
to cheese.
Amel by form pressure, either side.
Chel for spreading putrid carcinomatous ulcers, the pain
in the stomach is of gnawing or digging character,
nausea with sensation of heat, burning stomach. pus
scanty corroding and putrid. worse in the morning.
MENTAL: full of sad thoughts, desponding.
Choudhuri N.M. A study on Materia Medica writes
The most striking action of this remedy is confined to
the liver and many of its symptoms are traceable to
affections of that organ.
the guiding symptom is PAIN UNDER THE LOWER
and the inner angle of the right scapula. the other
characteristic is a deranged action of the liver, are a
bitter taste in the mouth, a brad flabby tongue that
takes the imprint of teeth, thick yellow coated tongue.
dirty yellow color of complexion, yellowness of the
writes of eyes, grey white and clay-colored stools
high colored urine staining the linen yellow, nausea
disgust for food soreness and tenderness of the
region of the liver and a great desire for hot drinks.
Cures complaints such as gallstone, constipation,
pneumonia, dyspepsia, diarrhea and a lost of other
ailments. Hepatic fever,
Aggravation generally four and five a.m.
Jaundice, cheeks dark, reddish yellow, frequent yawning.
Beatriz Hernandez Hill-Behhill




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