Borland D.M., Children’s Types :skin
Herpes of the lips and tendency to vesicles in mouth and
throat. great thirst, and this remedy has affinity to kidney
and bladder at the same time mouth-kidney

The typical CAPSICUM child is a fat, rather lazy,
somewhat obstinate child who is very definitely clumsy
in his movements. reddish cheeks, or pale and flush up
much like the Graphites child.
they tend to be forgetful. They will be sent on an errand,
and will come back without what they have been sent to get.
it is partly lack of attention.
They are touchy, easily offended, easily irritated.
an odd feature in Capsicum children dislike of being away
from home. partly feeling not being appreciated, partly
touchiness, and partly laziness, they have to make an
effort if they are away from home, and if they are at home
they are unpleasant.
The capsicum children are always rather dull, slow at
learning at school, and their memories are poor.
These children tend to have local hyperaemias.
In a typical capsicum child with a mild earache the whole
external ear is bright crimson. A capsicum child with
rheumatism has usually one or other joint affected with
localized blush over the affected area.
A child with a cold gets very enlarged tonsils which are
hyperaemic, bright crimson, and complains of a burning
heat in the mouth with intense thirst. desires cold water and
shivers. Where there is mastoid involvement in a Capsicum
case and it is probably the most commonly indicated
drug for MASTOIDITIS. there is a marked tenderness over
the mastoid process, blush on the skin surface long before
there is fully developed mastoiditis, being bursted at night
and the child becomes irritable, sleepless, worried,
obstinate as a mule. these children will present acute
illness of urinary irritation, acute cystitis, with acute
burning pain, intense, irritable pain on passing urine, in
most of illness and it is always of a smarting nature.
In a Capsicum child type, clumsy, rather red cheeked, rather
sluggish, backward, with a chronic hoarseness and a
history of having had acute sore throats-not quinsies, just
acutely inflamed throats, very often with transitory
attacks of earache, not going to mastoid involvement, the
majority of these cases will need CAPSICUM. and the
next drug of the skin drug in children is PSORINUM.
Worse slight drafts, cold, air, water, dampness, bathing
drinking agg. throat, or excites urinating,
Complementary remedy NAT-M, Related remedy Canth.
Have this remedy in mind for Cancer of digestive tract.
for ILH Beatriz H Hill.




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