An exhaustive study of homeopathic remedies for Asthma.

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53. Aconitum

For sensitive persons, young plethoric girls, leading a sedentary life, or when the paroxysms set in after the least emotion ; dyspnoea with inability to take a long breath, accompanied with restlessness, heat, and sweat. 3. Suffocative cough at night, with barking and hoarse voice, spasmodic constriction of the throat and chest ; anxious, short, and difficult breathing with open mouth ; great anguish, with inability to utter a single word distinctly; for asthma of adults, caused by rush of blood to the head, with vertigo, full and frequent pulse, cough and bloody expectoration.


52. Alumina

Asthmatic breathing, always aggravated by coughing, every morning a long attack of dry coughing, which ends at last with difficult raising of a little white mucus; great dryness in throat, especially on waking, voice husky, and sensation of lump in throat.

51. Ambra grisea

Asthma ; also suitable to children and scrofulous persons, with short, oppressed breathing, paroxysms of spasmodic cough, with expectoration of mucus, wheezing in the air passages, and pressure in the chest. Oppression more in the left side of the chest through to the back, and between the shoulders, as if emanating from the heart, with palpitation, anguish, and loss of breath.

50. Apis mellifica

Throat feels as if it were strangled ; the region of the short ribs pains as if bruised, especially on the left side. A warm room unbearable on account of heat and headache; difficult breathing, worse bending forwards or backwards ; great feeling of suffocation, cannot bear anything about the throat.

49. Aralia racemosa

Deep wheezing respiration, with sense of impending suffocation, and rapidly increasing dyspnea; very loud musical whistling during inspiration and expiration, but louder during inspiration ; could not possibly lie down ; he would suffocate if he did not sit up ; a constant desire’ to clear the chest, so that he could inspire better. When the attack reached its acme, expectoration first scanty, then increased in quantity, warm and salty ; raw, burning, sore feeling behind the whole length of the sternum and in each lung.

48. Arsenicum album

Asthma of old people, after suppression of coryza ; asthmatic breathing, must incline the chest forward, must spring out
of bed at night; constriction of chest with great anxiety and restlessness ; every motion aggravates, even the throwing himself about in
bed; shortness of breath, particularly after a meal ; anguish and suffocative paroxysms, increased by the warmth of the room at night ;
deep, dry, unceasing cough, alleviating as soon as he expectorates either frothy saliva, thick yellow-green, bitter, salty mucus, or streaked with
blood. The paroxysms of acute or chronic asthma are accompanied by great debility and burning in the chest; in acute asthma suitable
after ipec, unless it has been given at the commencement of the attack.

47. Asclepias tub

Necessity to inspire hurriedly followed by a sensation of oppression. Want of breath, often very great, particularly after eating and smoking; pricking or contracting pain in the region of the heart.

46. Baptisia

Difficulty of breathing ; the lungs feel tight and compressed ; cannot get a full breath ; constriction and oppression of the
chest; sharp pains in the chest, when taking a long breath; awakes with great difficulty of breathing ; tlie lungs feel tight and compressed ;
could not get a full breath, relieved only by getting the face to the fresh air ; most symptoms of oppression are due to nervous depression.

45. Belladonna

Suitable to children and women of an irritable constitution, and with disposition to spasms. Constriction of the
larynx with danger of suffocation on touching the larynx, and on turning the neck ; oppression of the chest and loss of breath, stitches
under the sternum with paroxysms of dry cough at night ; asthmatic paroxysms with unconsciousness ; relaxation of the muscles and involuntary discharge of urine and faeces; aggravation by motion, and still he cannot keep quiet ; asthma of plethoric persons (especially in hot, damp climates, when the paroxysms come on in the afternoon or evening; sensation of dust in the lungs; perspiration on upper part of chest ; better when bending the head back, and holding the breath ; worse after sleeping and from stimulants.

44. Bromium

Gasping for breath, with wheezing and rattling in larynx and spasmodic closure of glottis ; difficulty of breathing ; cannot inspire deep enough; sensation as if the air-passages were full of smoke ; asthma of sailors, as soon as they go ashore ; difficult breathing ; must sit up in bed ; sensation of constriction impedes breathing, with dry tickling cough ; sensation of weakness and exhaustion in the chest ; affections begin in the bronchi and ascend to larynx.

43. Bryonia

Respiration impeded, quick and deep, without motion of the ribs ; constriction of chest ; feels the need of breathing deeply, but is not always able to accomplish it, particularly at night and towards morning ; increased difficulty of breathing when talking or during any kind of exercise ; relief by rising from a recumbent position, or after expectoration; frequent stitches in the chest, especially during an inspiration, when coughing and during motion (suitable after ipecac, in acute asthma).

42. Cactus grandiflorus

Oppression of breathing on going up stairs ; oppression of the chest as from a great weight; difficult breathing; uneasiness as if an iron band prevented normal motion of chest ; periodical attacks of suffocation, with fainting; cold perspiration on the face and loss of pulse; anxiety returning in the evening; constriction in the chest, preventing free speech and hindering respiration ; sanguineous congestion in the chest, preventing his lying down in bed ; periodical stitches in the heart.

41. Cannabis indica

Great effort to take a deep inspiration ; oppression of chest with deep, labored breathing; worse when ascending ; feels as if suffocated, and lias to be fanned ; hard, dry cough with scraping right under the sternum ; pressing pain in the heart with dyspnoea the whole night ; stitches in the heart, accompanied by great depression, which is relieved by deep breathing; worse when lying on left side ; palpitation of the heart, awaking him from sleep ; amelioration in the open air.

40. Cannabis sativa

Humid asthma, wheezing and mucous rales; after the paroxysm subsides an eas}’ rattling cough, expectorating copious sputa of thick yellow mucus ; during the paroxysm, dyspnoea and extreme agitation ; must sit up most of the time ; oppression of breathing from tensive, pressive pains in the middle of the sternum, which is sore to the touch; he is obliged to breathe deeply.

39. Cistus canadensis

Periodical attacks of asthma on lying down with loud wheezing; feeling as if the windpipe had not space enough ; in the evening, soon after lying down, a sensation as if ants were running through the whole body; then anxious difficult breathing; is obliged to get up and open the window ; the fresh air relieves him ; immediately on lying down again these sensations return.

38. Cuprum metallicum

Spasmodic asthma with difficulty of breathing and fear of suffocation; aggravation at night; during cough, when leaning with the back against anything, or when taking a deep inspiration ; violent asthmatic attacks, coming on suddenly, lasting from one to three hours, and ceasing suddenly’ ; breathing whistling, quick, rattling, short, panting, seems to be interrupted in the throat ; cough dry, suffocative, worse at nights ; in the morning, slight expectoration of phlegm; anxious feeling in the heart with stitches and boring pains in the heart. Aggravation at the period of the menses. Suitable to children (angina pectoris with slow pulse), or hysteric persons, especially after fright, chagrin, a cold, or before the appearance of the menses.

37. Ferrum metallicum

Asthma worse after midnight; must sit up; better walking slowly about and talking, and by uncovering the chest (after itch). Suffocative fits in the evening in bed, with warmth of neck and trunk; limbs cold; difficult inspiration, as from heaviness in the chest; breathing dry, loud, anxious, sometimes rattling in children. Oppression from orgasm of blood ; chest scarcely moves in breathing ; nostrils dilated during expiration; persons who flush easily and get epistaxis, dyspnoea, palpitation ; paroxysm of spasmodic cough with expectoration of tenacious and transparent mucus; expectoration of blood.

36. Gelsemium

Sudden sensation of suffocation, as in hysteria; respiration almost imperceptible; sighing respiration; heavy and labored respiration; slow breathing, with rapid pulse or with slow pulse. Long crowing inspiration ; sudden and forcible expiration ; spasm of the glottis; nervous chill, yet skin is warm; wants to be held, that she may not shake so ; heart’s action slow, feeble, depressed ; hands and feet cold.

35. Ipecacuanha

Difficult expiration. Violent constriction of throat and chest ; peculiar panting sound ; gasps for air at the open window ;
face pale; worse from least motion ; threatened suffocation from suddenly suppressed catarrh ; nightly suffocative fits ; tetanic rigidity of
the body with bluish redness of the face.

34. Lachesis

Asthma, worse from covering mouth or nose, or touching the throat, or moving the arms ; on awaking, after eating or talking; better sitting up bent forward ; constriction of the chest, which feels stuffed; in the morning when sitting up quickly, the breathing becomes slow, difficult, whistling; palpitation of heart; can hear no pressure on throat or chest ; must sit or lie on right side; numbness of left arm; fainting; anxiety; cyanosis neonatorum; spasmus glottitis.

33. Lobelia inflata

Asthma, worse from exertion, with a disordered stomach, especially a feeling of weakness in the pit of the stomach ; asthmatic attack often preceded by prickling all over, even to fingers and toes. Constant dyspnroa, increased by even the shortest exposure to cold during an asthmatic paroxysm ; sensation of weakness and pressure on the epigastrium, rising from thence to the heart, with or without heartburn ; feeling as of a lump or quantit}^ of mucus, and also a sense of pressure in the larynx; pain in the forehead from one temple to another ; inclination to sigh ; a deep inspiration relieves the pressive pain in the epigastrium ; short inhalation and long, deep exhalation.

32. Nux vomica

Asthenia, connected with imperfect and slow digestion, with fullness of stomach, better after belching; oppression mornings or after eating; short, slow, stridulous breathing; spasmodic constriction of the lower part of the chest, worse from cold air or exercise ; nightly suffocative paroxysms, especially after midnight, preceded by anxious dreams; short cough, with difficult expectoration; distension, aching pains, and anguish in the region of the heart and hypochondria; rush of blood to the chest, with orgasm of the blood, warmth, heat, and palpitation ; amelioration in the recumbent posture, by turning to the other side, by raising the trunk, or by belching wind.

31. Phosphorus

Asthma, with fear of suffocation; oppression and anxiety of the chest, worse evening and morning; spasmodic constriction of the chest; stridulous inspiration in the evening on falling asleep, nightly suffocative spells, as if the lungs were paralyzed ; noisy, panting breathing; difficult inspiration, chest feels full and heavy, with tension ; great pressure on the middle of the sternum ; dyspnoea, with inability to exert himself ; short cough, with either salt, or sweetish, or blood-streaked expectoration.

30. Psorinum

Anxious dyspnoea, with palpitation of the heart, worse when sitting up, better when lying down, the wider apart the patient keeps his arras the better he can breathe ; want of breath in the fresh air, he has to hurry home in order to lie down ; the chest expands with great difficulty ; stitches from behind forward in chest and back when breathing; pulse weak, feeble; asthmatic attacks with hydro-

29. Pulsatilla

Asthma; especially of children after suppression of rash ; in hysteria or with suppressed menses ; in the evening, especially after a meal, dyspnoea and vertigo, with weakness in the head, when lying on the back ; at night, in bed, as if throat or chest were constricted, or as if the fumes of sulphur had been inhaled; mornings, low down in chest ; oppression of chest in walking fast, ascending an eminence, or exercising; shattering, spasmodic cough, excited by itching, scratching or dry feeling, dry at night, loose by day ; oppression of chest, loss of breath, and suffocative fits, with anguish of death, palpitation of heart, and sensation of fullness and pressure in the chest, with internal heat and orgasm of the blood.

28. Sambucus

Anxious, loud, or quick, wheezing, crowing breathing; oppression of the chest, with pressure in the stomach and nausea; nightly suffocative attacks, with great restlessness ; shedding of tears, and throwing about of the arms ; hollow, dry cough at night, with regular inhalations, but sighing exhalations, caused by spasm of chest, and expectoration of small quantities of tough mucus, only during the day ; suffocative cough, worse about midnight, lying in bed, or with the head low ; from dry, cold air, occasional omission of heart-beat.

27. Sanguinaria

Asthma, especially after the “rose-cold” (hay fever) , worse from odors ; short, accelerated, constrained breathing, extreme dyspnoea ; cheeks and hands livid ; inclination to take deep inspiration, which increases constriction of chest with tearing pains, especially on right side of chest ; dry cough, awaking him, and not ceasing until he sits up in bed and passes flatus, upward and downward ; continued pressure and heaviness in the whole of the upper part of the chest, with difficulty of breathing

26. Sulphur

For chronic asthma with difficulty of breathing and painless oppression of the chest; frequent attacks of asthma in the daytime, even when walking in the open air ; asthma when talking ; wheezing, mucous rattling, mucus in the chest, oppressed breathing and suffocative fits, especially at night ; fullness and sensation of weariness in the chest ; pressure in the chest as from a load, after eating ever so little; burning in the chest with rush of blood and palpitation of the heart; suffocative cough with spasmodic constriction of the chest and urging to vomit ; difficult expectoration of whitish mucus or copious yellow expectoration ; blood-colored saliva ; spasms in the chest, with compressive sensation and pain in the sternum, bluish red face, short breath, and inability to speak.

25. Ammonium

Chronic asthma, especially when attended with disposition to hydrothorax, with shortness of breath, especially when ascending even a few steps ; less in the open air ; dares not come into a warm room, where he becomes deathly pale, and can do nothing but sit quiet ; difficult breathing, with short cough, and palpitation after every exertion.

24. Baryta carbonicum

Asthma of scrofulous children, with enlargement of the tonsils and of the cervical glands, or of old fleshy people, with light hair, when the attack is aggravated by wet weather and warm air, and followed by frequent and copious urination; suffocative catarrh of old people, with impending paralysis of the lungs ; nightly cough; chest full of phlegm

23. Benzoic acid

Asthma, with inflammatory rheumatic complaints, mucous oppression of the lungs, aud difficulty of breathing when awaking.

22. Calcarea carbonica

For chronic asthma, with tight breathing and tension in the chest, as if from rush of blood, relieved by raising the shoulders ; desire to take deep breath and sensation as if the breath remained stopped between the scapula ; the patient loses his breath by merely stooping ; he is suffering with dry cough, especially frequent towards morning.

21. Carbo vegetabilis

Suffocative asthma, with blue and cold skin, and great anguish about the heart ; flatulent asthma, with great relief from eructations, relief also by constant walking, aggravated by sitting or lying down ; he exerts the whole body and limbs to produce deep inspirations ; constant sensation of weakness and fatigue in the chest ; great dyspnoea, with anxiety, but not restless ; cough in violent spells; watery, profuse expectoration; desire to be fanned, must have more air; breath cold ; pulse threadlike, weak and small, intermittent. Asthma of old people and of poor, exhausted constitutions.

20. Chamomilla

Nervous bronchial asthma. Dry, tickling cough ; suffocative dyspnoea, as if the windpipe were tied together with a string, and as if the cliest were not wide enough; constricted feeling in the suprasternal fossa, with constant irritation to cough. Asthmatic attack, seemingly produced by an accumulation of flatus, better from bending the head backwards, in cold air, or from drinking cold water; worse in dry weather and from a warm diet; palpitation of heart and faintness. Asthma after a fit of anger.

19. China

Asthma, looks as if dying ; worse autumn, wet weather, or after depletion ; nightly suffocative fits ; inspiration slow and difficult ; expiration quick, blowing, short ; oppression of chest, as from fullness in stomach, also from continued talking; inability to breathe with the head low ; spasmodic cough and nightly suffocative fits, as if from too much mucus in the throat, with difficult expectoration of a clear and thick mucus ; pressure in the chest as if from rush of blood, with violent palpitation of the heart ; easy perspiration ; sudden prostration.

18. Cocculus

Suitable to hysteric females, or for rush of blood to the chest, with difficulty of breathing, as if the throat were constricted;
racking cough, with oppression of the chest, especially at night; spasmodic constriction of the chest, especially on one side only ; pressure in the chest and orgasm of the blood, with anguish and palpitation of the heart ; sensation of languor and emptiness in the chest.

17. Conium

Nervous bronchial asthma, paroxysms coming on in wet weather ; periodical dry cough, excited by tickling, grating in the throat or behind the sternum, evoked by lying down, talking, and laughing, or loose cough with inability to expectorate.

16. Copaiva

Oppression of the chest, with labored breathing, while working in a stooping position, as when digging; pressure on the sternum ; slow respiration.

15. Dulcamara

Humid asthma or for acute asthma from a cold, with dyspnoea, loose rattling cough, copious sputa, worse during wet weather ; asthma..

14. Eucalyptus

Asthma from humid conditions in bronchitic patients. It relieves the bronchial cough and aids in expelling the thick sputa.

13. Glonoine

Sudden attacks ; constriction of the chest, with anguish and much sighing ; oppression of the chest, alternating with headache ; breathing heavy, labored, stertorous, from feeling of weight, must often breathe deeply ; sighing ; chest feels as if laced.

12. Grindelia robusta

Spasmodic asthma and cough from reflex causes ; a cough maintained by habit ; chronic bronchitis.

11. Moschus

Suitable to hysteric individuals and to children, or for oppression of the chest, and suffocative fits as if from the vapors of sulphur, commencing with a desire to cough, and getting worse until the patient despairs of getting over the paroxysms ; spasmodic constriction of the larynx and chest, especially when feeling cold.

10. Opium

Congestion of blood to the chest, or pulmonary spasms, with deep, stertorous, rattling breathing ; tightness of breath and oppression, with great anguish, tightness, and spasmodic constriction of the chest ; suffocative fits during sleep, like nightmare; suffocative cough, with bluish redness of the face.

9. Sabadilla

Hay asthma; breathing heavy and anxious during heat ; wheezing in the chest ; expectoration of tenacious yellow
mucus, of a repulsive sweet taste.

8. Silphium laciniatum

Asthma, with large quantities of stringy mucus ; scraping, tickling, and irritation of the fauces and throat; sick faint feeling, and a sense of goneness in the epigastrium ; constriction and tightness of the lungs, with a constant disposition to expectorate.

7. Spongia

Asthma from taking cold ; cannot lie down ; sibilant bronchi, after menses; wheezing breathing, or slow and deep, as if from debility; suffocative fits after every exercise, with weariness; asthma in consequence of goitre.

6. Stannum metallicum

For asthma and oppression, especially in the evening or at night, when lying down, also in daytime during every exercise, and frequently attended with anguish and desire to detach the clothes; oppression and mucous rattling in the chest; cough with copious expectoration of viscid or lumpy, clear or watery, yellowish, salt or sweetish mucus.

5. Antimonium tartaricum

Especially suitable to old people, also to children, or for anxious oppression, difficulty of breathing and shortness of breath, with desire to sit erect ; oppression and suffocative fits, especially in the evening or in the morning, in bed ; raucus and rattling in the
chest ; suffocative cough or congestion of blood to the chest, and palpitation of the heart.

4. Veratrum album

Suitable after chinium ars., ipec , especially for suffocative fits, even when sitting erect and during exercise ; pains in the side ; hollow cough ; cold sweat, or cold face and cold limbs.

3. Veratrum viride

Sensation as of a heavy load on the chest ; excessively labored respiration; patient has to sit up, cannot lie down ; cold sweat on the face.

2. Zincum metallicum

For tight breathing and oppression, especially in the evening ; shortness of breath after eating, for accumulation of flatulence ; increase of asthma when the expectoration stops, decrease when it recommences.




  1. Psorinum 1 m. in early morning 1dropsin 1/2 oz distilled water to make 1 dose. Should be taken.
    Then sulphur30 1 drops 1 time in early morning in empty stomach. For 1 months.
    Anti dandruff sampu should be used.

  2. I like homeopathy. I have a problem in my hair. My hair falls like round shape. Any medicine for that in homeopathy. Is it curable?

  3. Yes, being tested in August…waiting until asthma is under control first. I know I have both environmental and food allergies, but have no specifics.

  4. Do yoga everyday alombelom, bhastrica etc . You will get rid of Asthama certainly but you have to adopt yoga as a way of life. Once you leave yoga after sometimes disease will return slowly.

  5. and give up all sugar …consume around 20/25 grams of all sugars daily… honey, sugar, syrups etc and cut back on high sugar veg/fruit!!

  6. Plz study lyco, phosphorus, Zinjiber, vasicaria,
    According to your patient.

  7. Thank you for this information…was just diagnosed with asthma last week…very helpful.

  8. There are good remedies in homeopathy for Asthma, based on their system and symptoms and environment. But careful study Indicates mind symptoms. By taking one may cure in total disease

  9. Thank you Andree..I Have to Look for it at our Homeopath Department in SouthAfrica….I am based In South Africa.Thank you Wo Much

  10. Combination of Allium cipa Anti tart Cars.Alb n Heparsulpher in HMS power regularly four grainspoons 04 times 10 minutes before food for 03 months continuously can clear this problem for lifetime

  11. Hie People How r u?I Just need Someone who Knows A Good Homeopath Medicine For Hyperthyrodism…I have been Taking Strama 1…Is there onother one thats Good?

  12. If anyone has asthma I would highly recommend that they get checked out for fungal infections, parasites and heavy metals before doing anything else.


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